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does this mean I’m a pansy?

unicorn_manThis morning I got an email from Karen Thomson, she’s one of the girls I let into the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs 😉

In her email she said this

“I can’t tell you what a boost in confidence this has given me Neil, it’s changing my life”

Now I like an “action movie and beer” night as much as the next guy but I’ve gotta tell you this brought a tear to my eye

Getting emails like that from the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs group is pretty bloody cool I can tell you

My wife (Tash) told me I’m a big softie at heart

I dunno about that, I do know that the stuff I share works.

It’s life changing and

if you actually apply it

it will let you take charge of your life

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in take a look

Neil Asher

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