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Want to know the truth about social media marketing?

Most websites don’t work because they’re not built on proven rules of marketing.



If prospects don’t already know you, trust you and understand the value of your products and services, your website has to pre-sell them and generate a lead.

If your site fails to attract qualified prospects, help them see you as the go-to service provider in your industry, clarify the value you provide and give them proof – your prospects will go looking for help from your competitors.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you already realise your website isn’t working the way you want it to. It doesn’t attract enough targeted prospects, do a good  job of clarifying the value you provide, build trust or get the phone ringing. The upshot is, your site isn’t providing you with a surplus of clients so you can grow your business.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Over the last ten years we’ve perfected a simple formula for websites that consistently captures prospects’ attention, showcases your expertise and the quality of your services and, most importantly, gets prospects to contact you so you can generate more sales.

Why don’t most web development firms talk about this?

They don’t tell you that there is a science to getting prospects to read your website and take action. And they don’t tell you that it’s not just about having a nice looking site; it’s about using your site to capture your prospects’ attention, instantly establish your credibility, and get your prospects to contact you.

Most web design and development firms won’t — or can’t — tell you how they’re going to get your phone ringing.

But that’s exactly what we do at ROARlocal. We create web sites for clients that get their phones ringing.

We’re focused on what we know works. Our clients hire us for our expertise and the results we produce. We’re their online direct response marketing experts and proud of it.

If you just want a new look or to add bells and whistles to your site, we’re not for you. We want your input, but if you’re looking to control the design process yourself, and to dictate what goes where on your web page, well – we’re not the right firm for you, either.

At ROARlocal, we focus on results and we know how to get them.

What To Expect

Once you’ve made the decision to grow your business by partnering with us, we meet with you on the phone to ensure we understand your business and what makes it tick. We want to know all you can tell us about your target market and their concerns and potential sales stoppers. We work with you to clarify what you want your online marketing to achieve.

Then we develop a strategy, concept and copy to increase your revenue. Key to the strategy is planning the action sequence for prospects to take so your site generates leads — something that 87% of all websites are missing. Once we’ve defined the action sequence — the marketing funnel —for your website, we use that as the blueprint for all design and copy decisions.

It’s The Team That Makes The Difference

You’re not just signing up to get a bunch of junior staff to work on your account.

You’re getting access to a senior account manager and top copywriter, Dan, who will be involved in writing your headline and parts of your page copy. This is something you can’t get any other way than through ROARlocal. If you could, you’d be paying over £1,000 for the strategic marketing consultation and £4,000 for copywriting.

You also get access to our seasoned art director Matt, who unlike most web designers out there has a couple of decades of design and design management experience and a degree in Graphic Design from Brighton University.

He’ll oversee the development of the design concept for your site and make sure that it matches the marketing strategy. His mantra is “On brand, on message and on target”.

Home page and inside pages will be organised in a clear visual hierarchy to prompt prospects to take action, based on the marketing blueprint for your site. We don’t want to rub it in, but before we convinced her to work for ROARlocal, he charged over £3,000 for this part of the process alone.

Once the top-level strategy and concept development work has been done, our expert design team will build your online marketing system. Of course, this work will continue to be overseen by our top team members. We could charge ÂŁ2,000 just for this alone.

Who’s Working On Your Account Behind the Scenes

We’ve mentioned a few of the more visible team members above, the ones you’ll be working with directly. But it’s the behind the scenes team that follows through on the details and keeps the engine humming. Currently we have twenty on the team and most of them will be working on your project at various stages.

Web Programming

Key to positioning your company as the go-to problem solver in your niche is the look, feel and organization of your website. That’s why we spend so much time up front making sure we get it right. Once the direct response website design is done, it goes to our programmers and coders who build it and put in videos, forms and other interactive elements. Then our webmaster takes over to manage any minor changes.

Traffic Generation

The bulk of the work on your online marketing goes on behind the scenes and is managed by our 10-year veteran of PPC, SEM and social media marketing, the brains behind the system that gets traffic and clients to your website.

Once your traffic generation plan is mapped out, our customer service coordinator follows through on the daily tasks, working with our project managers, video marketing expert, search engine marketing coordinator, social media coordinator and traffic generation experts.

Client-Attracting Content

Key to attracting prospects is the development and distribution of compelling content. Using our proven client attraction formula, your account executive works with our social media experts and with the writer assigned to your business to create a content plan for the month and then to generate the appropriate blog posts, articles, press releases and social media content for you.

Once the content is created each month, our PPC and social media teams feed it into your marketing engine, as well as submitting to close to a hundred sites on the web, including video sites, social media sites and more.

Converting Calls To Sales

The purpose of all of the above is to keep your phone ringing. But we don’t stop there. We track incoming calls and evaluate them so you can continue to increase your conversion rates and profits.

And there’s more…

During the first month, our team will be working hard behind the scenes on your online marketing strategy and development, but we know that most companies could really benefit from attracting more clients and ringing up more sales right away.

To help you kick start your sales, we meet with you or your sales team via phone during the first 30 days to help you generate more referrals and convert more of the calls you’re already getting into sales. When we sell this consulting service separately, we charge £5,000.

Why do we do this for you the first month?

We know there is no value to you in having a website that isn’t based on an effective strategy to generate leads and sales. You’ve probably already learned this the hard way.

Secondly, we realize that your online presence is just part of the marketing picture, and to maximize your revenue you need both your on and offline marketing working together. That’s why we work with you right from the start to help you attract more clients and increase sales.

What’s this cost?

Obviously we don’t crank out websites and marketing strategies for a few thousand pounds apiece. And it’s not because we don’t want to.

Over the years, we just haven’t found a way of getting it right without spending the time to help you develop your positioning strategy, your marketing message, your copy, your online marketing strategy and the design that holds it all together.

In our experience, there is no shortcut to getting your web design right, which is why our custom designed websites and marketing packages start at ÂŁ3,000 and go up from there with the average costing between ÂŁ5,000 and ÂŁ10,000.

Sound like a lot to pay for a website and traffic generating strategy in this day and age where anyone with a computer can build a site?

It all depends on how you value your business. If you’re happy to put the future of your business in the hands of a neophyte, feel free to do so, and then we’ll talk in a year or two when you need help.

But if you understand that it takes an investment to build a business, just as it would to open a restaurant on main street, then you’re like the successful business owners we work with and we look forward to meeting you.

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