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The Top 7 Reasons Your Competitors Are Kicking Your Ass Online

The top 7 reasons your competitors are kicking your ass online

Have you ever performed an online search for the product or service your business provides? Sure you have, and so do your potential customers.

In fact, the vast majority of consumers (over 80% actually) go online to search for local products and services like the ones you offer- and that’s a lot!

So, knowing the opportunities that being found online will bring must make it really disappointing when, instead of seeing your own business there at the top of search sites, you find that pesky competitor from down the road.

Guess who your potential customers are finding when they perform a similar search?

Here’s a hint: not you.

But rejoice! For all is not lost. It’s not too late to change things for your business – and that’s what this guide is all about:  understanding why you’re currently getting your ass kicked online and how you can turn things around.

However, before we get started it’s important that you have a certain baseline understanding of search engines. So without further ado…

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We firmly believe that ANY business can benefit from creating a strong online presence and, with Google dominating the search market (over 80% of searches) and with over 50% of all searches on Google being locally orientated and with another 50% of searches being done on a mobile device, you need to take advantage of the unique opportunity to beat your slower moving competitors and leave them in the dust!

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