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Is making cashola online better than sex?

One of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Jeff Dulla asked me what “the laptop lifestyle” actually means.

His take was that:

“The laptop lifestyle …. which I later found out is not sitting on a tropical beach with an Apple Mac but rather spending a few hours a day glued to a monitor to learn the equivalent of a university degree in a few months!”

Jeff is a model ecommerce entrepreneur

He knows that to become a Rock Star online, you have to learn your scales first

Unlike most of the BS that the majority of sugar plum goo roos will tell you, making cashola online is hard work

You have to study and learn how to do it properly

It takes most folks a month or so to figure this out


Then you’re freeeeeeee!!!!

It’s a lot like sex

Your first time you suck

Fumbling and unsure what to do

Conscious of your body and if you’re like me, conscious of the ears of corn getting up your bum

(my first time was in a corn field with a girl called linda 🙂


Once you get the hang of it

It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes off!

Wanna pop your ecommerce cherry?

Then come and join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs!

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