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How I made my wife lust me more

Natasha Asher Artist
Natasha Asher Artist

My (long suffering) wife Natasha has her final exam today for her Art Degree

Ever since I can remember she’s wanted to be an artist

Her parents told her she’d never make any cashola as an artist

They told her to become an accountant or lawyer

She’s a free spirit that would die in the tightly controlled political BS worlds of a legal office

Most offices are full of BS don’t you think?

So 3 years ago she embarked upon her new career

She was scared of failing

Of looking foolish

Of not being good enough

But she knew she had to reclaim her life

I told her to go for it, life is short!

She did and she’s been forever changed as a result, she looks visibly younger as a result of following her dreams

This morning she was worried about her final exam…

I told her her exam results would have no bearing upon her success as an artist

Her customers wouldn’t give a rats-ass if she got a distinction or simply a pass

Her customer will only care about themselves and their needs, wants and desires

That’s why I love being an online entrepreneur

Your customers couldn’t care less what degrees you have or don’t have

Not a jot of interest will be shown in your past career or your CV

No my career focused friend, all they’ll want to know is what are you selling and will it solve their problems

Y’see solving peoples problems online can make you oodles of lovely cashola

All you need to do is find a group of people with a problem they want solving

“I want to cook nicer food”

“I want to look healthier”

“I want a gift for my friends birthday”

and on and on it goes

LOTS of lovely cashola creating problems to solve!

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