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The low-down on picking a sensational and profitable product

Let’s talk a bit about where you can make good value purchases and sell them on for a salacious fee. This is of course the key to bodacious profit margins, which equals an extremely ecstatic you! Boom!

I’m making a slaying and I want you to join me – magical websites like the top product sourcing website, Alibaba, make it all possible.

With my course, I will be your Amazon store guru, showing you badass ways to utilize the market and sell wares, bought cheap and sold on at a sweet profit.

The initial cost is all-important, and that’s why Alibaba is so freakin’ awesome if used correctly. Selling wholesale products that are so eye poppingly cheap, you’ll be dancing on your keyboard.

It’s down to the country of origin they setup their store AND which product or products they decide they want to sell.

Exceptional products can be sniffed out if you have the nose for it
They will be items of a certain ilk…

Lightweight, slight and compact
The lighter and smaller it is, the less it will cost to ship in and out. A surefire way to keep costs down and profit at a maximum!

Win with niche products
The more you can specify your product, the better chance you have of being a top listing. I’m thinking engraved BBQ tongs!

Buying price Vs. selling price. Ding. Ding.
Simple. Get a product that you can sell for at least double the price. Easy money.

Have a beast price point ($10 – 40)
Selling for under $10 is a tough ask. Much like me fighting a silverback gorilla, it’s just not worth the hassle. Most markets can’t create any sizeable revenue because they don’t have the volume. That said, the higher the price range the more capital you need, this is tackled with explosive force in my course. Let’s crush it.

Consistent products = Consistent buyers
So you like that ‘Alf’ Halloween costume and think ‘ooh I can make a pretty penny on these’?

Forget it.

You want a product that will sell, sell some more, sell again and finally…sell. Much like the waste bags from my previous post – unless of course pets find new ways to release their bowels.

This is a super list to follow on your quest to conquer the online business world.

Now you just need to know how to speak to great suppliers. They are out there people – it’s just a matter of learning the lingo, and walking the walk. That’s where I can help you.

Learn this the right way, the proper way and see what profits are waiting for you.

Get. The. Course

My God it’s sexy. You know you want to 😉


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