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Lessons from a old dude with big pecs

dr-jeffrey-life2-550x366I was at the Gym this morning

I go there cuz I’m 45 and starting to enter my first mid life crisis…

The gym is full of a a real mix of people

Crazy hot laydees with their fake lady pecs

Guys that grunt when they lift

Skinny dweebs like me

and then there’s “the old guy”

I’d guess he was in his 60’s

He looks amazeballs!

Totally ripped and super strong

He puts me to shame… then again the hot blonde chicklet that works out next to me can lift more than me!


I finally talked to the old guy this morning

He’s a total legend and really knows his stuff!

The big lesson he gave me was this

If you want to grow muscle first you must push through the pain barrier and lift weights that kinda damage your muscles

It’s the muscle repair that creates the growth

So instead of lifting my weights a set amount of times (reps)

I now lift until I’m cream crackered and can’t lift any more

It hurts more but it is the only way to get stronger

That information runs contrary to most of the BS personal trainers come life coaches give you

It’s the same online

Most Goo Roos tell you need a complicated funnel and a “trip wire” product and all sorts of other crap that confuses you into buying more and more of their stuff

It’s utter utter BS

You need 3 things to make a great online business

1. A great product to sell

2. A market to sell it to

3. Customer service after the sale so they come back for more

That’s it

It all starts with your product

Do you have some ideas for products you’d sell online?

Want some help to bring your online dreams into reality?

Then I’m your man

I keep it simple, show you exactly what works (what I do in my own businesses) and support you as you succeed!

Come join 246 other Aussies as an Online Entrepreneur!

Neil Asher

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