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How To Know If The Market Is Viable For Your Amazon Product

Is The Market Viable For Your Amazon Product?

A brand name does not dominate the market 5
The average sales price is between $15 and $50 5
The sales rank is under 10,000 for each of the top 3 items 4
Do each of the first three items have less 400 reviews 4
Do 12 of the next 17 reviews have less than 100 reviews 5
The market has multiple keywords 5
All of the Pay per Click ad spots being used 1
The market would be viable in multiple amazon international markets 5
Knowledgeable seller in top 3 listings (good pictures, copy and description) 4
Can you add something to the product for more value (bundling, ebook, etc) 4
Product is durable and unlikely to break in shipping 5
Product won’t need an instruction manual to use, its use is intuitive 3
The product leads to reorders or subscriptions 5
Does the item lead to purchases for gift items vs just purchases for the buyer 3
The product is not a commodity and not easily purchased at local store 2

Is The Product Viable On Amazon

Product weighs less than 500 grams 4
Product is smaller 20 x 20 x 20 cm 4
Can make your product stand out with better packaging or with branded name on item 5
You can purchase including shipping for less than 20% of the sales price 5
Your initial purchase can be less than 500 units 4
Total Your Points —->

How o tell if your product will work on Amazon


It’s what I’m using, it works.







One response to “How To Know If The Market Is Viable For Your Amazon Product”

  1. Debbie Summerhayes Avatar

    Awesome work Neil. Thanks for the level of detail here, and the examples.
    I’m off to see if I can find something that scores 65 or more.