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The key to creating a badass high converting Amazon listing

When you’re selling on Amazon, there are some fine lines in becoming a top seller and sinking horribly into obscurity.

Like anything, going that extra mile can really boost your product. Whilst you could upload some naked pictures or offer a date with Ryan Reynolds, I find its better to make sure the product description is tiptop.

An absolutely spanking product description contains all the information and then some.

You need to think of everything the buyer would want to know, put yourself in their shoes and bust out the facts.

The more info you have the better. Quantity is important but its even more so to have genius content and quality presentation to back it up. There is no point having a product listing that’s riddled with errors and filled with crap.

what to sell on Amazon

Whilst this particular product isn’t a bad seller, check out the less than desirable description mistakes.

‘Think’ instead of ‘thick’, which is pretty ironic. A real Homer Simpson ‘D’oh’ moment.

The first bullet point should be bang on, and definitely shouldn’t have a mistake that large present. That’s an instant turnoff for potential buyers and that’s a big no no for your profits.

what to sell on amazon

Wow. Check that shit out. Now that’s a damn product description *applauds*.

You want in depth and creative descriptions to blow everyone’s mind. Don’t give them an opportunity to back out of the sale.

When you have the bullet points down, you can move on to a killer description for the reader to go ‘ooooh and ahhhhh’. That way you rope ‘em In with the bullets and deliver the decisive blow with the full description. Maybe even some questions and answers for some extra pizzazz.

This is one of many steps that you need to take in order to make a boss listing on Amazon.

That’s where my amazeballs course comes in.

I’ll help you take that step, turning you into a relentless aussie online entrepreneur.

Just like Yoda was a master of the force, I’m the master of online business success (without the backwards talking crap).

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