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2 Sexy Things For Kerwin Rae To Make Money With

I am quite sure you’re at home (with a beer) watching Origin.

And rightly so.

Those guys have trained hard, damn hard for their chance to win and win big tonight and they deserve your attention.


I spoke to Ollie today, he’s cool, he showed me how much you’re spending to get opt ins… we can do better for sure!


In the break, when those ads for mitre 10 are on, watch this!


My copy writer Mark has finihsed your e-mail follow up sequence… it’s bloody good.

I don’t want to say it will blow you away but I know you’ll instantly see how good it is.

Amazing E-Mails To Make Kerwin Rae Money

I know you’ll love em

I’ll set em up

I’ll make sure they work for you

You bank the cheques.



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