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Keeping Up With The Patel’s

forbes-list-of-100-richest-indians-2014During the 17th century, China had a monopoly on tea.

But the poms wanted ‘in’, so the East India Company hired a smuggler.

He was Robert Fortune, an adventurer and Scottish botanist, who disguised himself as a Chinese merchant and stole tea plants, seedlings, and other botanical discoveries and took them to India.

During the next few decades, India’s tea production surpassed China’s.

That business strategy

“import products into a country”

Is a tried and tested way to wealth that’s worked for hundreds of years

Buying products here in Australia and then selling them in India is making cashola online

Word to the wise

Indians LOVE Aussie stuff

from UGG boots to tea tree oil they can’t get enough of us!


2 reasons

1. They don’t trust their own stuff,

Most of it’s cheap fake crap

When they want something quality they look overseas

Australia has a brilliant reputation in India for quality goods

2. Keeping up with the Patel’s

India has more millionaires than there are people in NSW

Their middle class is the fastest growing in the world!

They’re cashed up and looking for ways to flaunt their success

Nothing say’s “you’ve made it” more than buying foreign products

So they lust after Aussie made goods and then flaunt them to their friends

But what other Aussie products are lusted after overseas?

If you join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur today you’ll be just in time for our weekly Q&A tonight at 8pm (Sydney time)

I’m currently showing my cashola hungry compadres how to sell their stuff in India

Tonight is the “what to sell” session

You’ll learn exactly what to sell and how to sell it

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