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Jeff Bezos Uses This “Billionaire Maker” Strategy To
Build His Business In India, Now You Can Too

 They Laughed When I Told Them
“une grenouille folle” Was Going To Buy My Parents A New Home, But When I Handed Them The Title Deed!

If you’ve ever wanted to be an insider, as a new deal is put together so you can take advantage of it before the general population learn about it, you’ll love this...

From The Desk Of Neil Asher

Founder Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Back in 2008 I lived in London and made my living as an affiliate marketer (I sold other people’s products)

Back then, ring tones were all the rage and a particularly annoying one featuring a “crazy frog” was everywhere.

I could see the company that owned the ring tone ramping up their TV ads so the bloody ad was on morning, noon and night!

I figured they must be making a killing to be running so many TV ads!!

So, as an affiliate marketer I took a quick look on Google to see if they were running any Google ads to their website

and whadya know they weren’t!

So I got in touch with the company and set myself up as an affiliate for them so that I'd get paid everytime I sold a crazy frog ring tone for them.

Then I set up a google adwords campaign where I had my advert show up on google for search terms like

crazy frog
crazy frog ringtone
frog ringtone
annoying crazy frog for my phone
etc etc

and .....BOOM!

Make £10 For Every £1 Invested!

Yep for every £1 I invested in ads I made £10 back…. holy crap!

So, if it were you what would you do in this situation?

You’d run more ads right?

So that’s what I did, only this time I decided to let my Google ad show for “broader” search terms

e.g. search terms with less commercial intent, so things like;

- ringtone
- change my mobile sound
- make my phone sound different
- funny sound when someone calls me

and search terms like that, so as you can see they are broader search terms

still with me?

OK let’s see the results

It sucked….

I was “only” making £10 now for every £2 that I invested :D

I made a 500% PROFIT!

Holy cow!

OK so let me ask you again, what would you do now?

Every £2 you invest, you get £10 back

So what would you do?

Invest More Money So You CAN Make More Money Right!

So I did!

Here’s how

I went to www.dictionary.com and I downloaded the ENTIRE 35,000 word dictionary, then I went to Google and uploaded the ENTIRE 35,000 word dictionary as my search terms

I Was Advertising This Crazy Frog Ringtone On EVERY Single Word In The English Language!

So if someone typed in swimming baths, they’d see my crazy frog ringtone advert,

Ditto, elephant, hammer, odyssey, jump and space!

The result?

Every £7 invested got me £10 back!

In my best week I made £62,500

That month I made £175,000

That quarter I made £440,000

I took that money and purchased a new home for my wife… with cash!

The Real Estate Agent Thought I Was A Bank Robber!

You should have seen the look on his face when he asked me what i did for a living and I told him I sold ringtones :D


All fads must come to an end and the crazy frog ringtone frenzy died and people went back to having a normal ringtone in England.

I was bummed out because I wanted more cashola to buy my parents their house

I tried to contact the ringtone company but it was based in Luxembourg, so I thought sod it I’ll go and speak to them directly

I hopped on a plane to Luxembourg and just kinda showed up at their office

I want this tale of prosperity to be happy but I waited for 3 hours and no one saw me :(

In the end I spoke to the receptionist and she told me that the owner lived in France and hardly came into the office

Feeling dejected I went to my hotel, Le Place d'Armes, sat on my bed, turned on the TV and watched some crazy French TV show

5 minutes in and the adverts came on… would you bloody believe it the crazy frog ringtone ad was on French TV!

Une Grenouille Folle!
(that’s french for crazy frog :)

Now, if you’re following along, and you’re smart, you may be wondering if the crazy frog ringtone could be sold in France…

And it could!

Even though everyone in the UK was over it, everyone in France was just discovering it!

So, I did it all again and got my parents their home :)

Pretty cool huh?

That strategy; find something that’s working in one country and replicate it another COUNTRY.

Has done VERY well for me, and

You Know What?
No One Else Does IT!

Well today, right now, I want to tell you about an opportunity for YOU to get in on the action and make a ton of cashola in market that’s primed for money making.

Right now selling products on Amazon india (www.amazon.in) represents one of the greatest opportunities I’ve seen in the last 7 years

Here’s why

“India represents an incredible opportunity for ecommerce. Our stated goal is to become the number one player in the Indian market.” -  Jeff Bezos (2nd richest person in the world with a net worth of $75 Billion)

Jeff is a very smart guy, he’s doubling down on India. Indeed Amazon has invested $5 billion into Amazon India.

Now I am a huge believer in following the money.

In business, if a huge amount of money is being invested into something then it is smart to follow that money in because you get a free ride.

You get a free ride on that money.

You get to basically leverage that $5 billion investment.

By the way, overall, $41 billion is set to be invested over the next three years into e-commerce in India. That's a crazy amount of money going into that market and there’s a very good reason for that.

Here’s why, according to UBS, a really big investment bank. India’s ecommerce market is growing at a rapid rate of knots. What they’re saying is, it’s going to grow to $120 billion in total revenue in the next three years.

To put that in context for you, the entire e-commerce market here in Australia is $17 billion, that’s five times less than what’s predicted for India!

Right now there are 1.2 billion people in India, which is a LOT but only 20% of them have access to the internet.

There is massive scope for growth because every single year,  hundreds of millions of people are going online. Every single year. Again, to put that in context for you,  91% of Australians are online.

Our market is mature there's is young and growing FAST!

In fact 68% of Indians are below the age of 35. That’s the largest youth population in the world.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking they’re all dumb peasants in fields. They’re educated. And the good news is the middle class (those with the money) just happen to be educated in English.

So no need to translate anything as they all speak English :)


The number of sellers that are making “Rupee 1 crore” (10 million rupees), that’s somewhere around $200,000 to $210,000 AUD, doubled last year!

Which is, again, brilliant growth. It shows you the amazing potential on that platform.

Why You Should Get Into India Too

You’re probably aware that I am already heavily invested in Amazon India, I currently have 2 businesses in India with 3 more in the launch phase.

I’ve done the hard yards and made all the dumb mistakes so you don’t have to.

I’ve been working on this Amazon India business along with my two business partners.

I'm selling skincare and bikes and bike accessories.

I think you’ll agree that's 2 pretty bloody different niches :D

So here’s what I want to do, I want to show you everything I’ve learnt about setting up a successful profitable business on Amazon in the fastest growing ecommerce market in the world!

Here's What You'll Learn If Your Join Me As An Indian Ecommerce Entrepreneur!

  • Exactly how much money you can make in India, it’s probably more than you’re thinking
  • Why speaking Hindi (the national language of India) puts you at a disadvantage
  • The secret way to start selling fast in ANY category
  • How to take advantage of a glitch in the amazon systems to get your product selling fast!
  • What Indians think of Australians and why this MUST influence your product selection
  • THREE absolutely critical ‘niche-selection’ criteria you must heed — IF you want to rake in serious dough on Amazon! I use these personally...and they helped me to my first $60K in sales! Copy me!
  • The exact team of people I use along with exactly how much money I pay (you better believe I’ve negotiated myself a great deal!)
  • The absolute worst way to sell products in India. And how to avoid this
  • How to use secret promotions to get your Amazon ‘Money Machine’ to lift off from its first very day —so you can start making money ‘ASAP’ using my ‘secrets’!
  • The BEST and HOTTEST product types to sell in India right now. Fortunes are being made in these categories. You can do the same!

If You Learn How To Do This The Sky is The Limit!

I think you'll agree that's quite some list right?


I have lots more for you!

Just follow the step by step plan I’ve outlined for you...put it into practice...and launch your own, life-changing Amazon India business!

I’m confident that you’ll quickly come to realise just WHY I say this is the biggest ‘opportunity of the decade’...because, well, it is!

Let Me Show You Some Of The Step By Step Systems I'll Share With You

  • How To Test Your Idea To See If It will Work In India (not all of them do!)
  • How to set your business up in India, with step by step guides
  • The exact adverts I use on upwork to find any additional team I’ll need
  • My complete due dilligence checklist so you can be sure you're dealing with honest people
  • No one likes to overpay for things so I'll give you the contracts I have negotiated to ensure you pay the best prices possible
  • What Are The HOT categories In India? I'll Show You
  • My fool proof system to Discover What Indians Like To Buy Online
  • My $850 mistake that means you'll never have to pay for this service again
  • Where to get all the product ideas for India you could ever need! I'll show you!!
  • My 15 point check list to Indian business success complete with tips and tricks for you

Why My Neck Being On The Line Is Good Business For You

I think you’ll agree I’ve covered all the bases here and I won’t lie to you I’ve kinda gone a bit OTT with the strategies for you.


Well my neck is on the line here, I have staked my reputation on my ability to help hard working people like you build great online businesses.

I’ve had a ton of success doing this and now I’m clearing up in India.

So I want to give you everything you will need to make it work for you too.

Candidly I want success stories

I want to be able to show people your business in 6 months time and say “they’re making $50K a month”

So I’ve done everything possible to make that happen for you!

OK let’s shift gears and talk about your investment

So come on Neil...what’s the price?

Let me say right up front that this isn't one of those cheap deals at $27.

I'm definitely not a cheap date. Nor do I need to be.

As you've seen for yourself, I am one of the few people online who is prepared to teach what I know…someone who is actually doing this in a real business, and not talking from history. And I'm not one of those people whose sole income comes from teaching seminars and from DVD sets!

As I tried to stress… I'm very different from the norm.

So my training and mentoring is priced accordingly.

On the one hand, I don't want to price as a ‘cheap date’ at some ridiculous price like $27, for information has taken me over a year to acquire and perfect, and which an ‘average Joe’ can pickup, use and profit from without fuss.

As you’ve seen for yourself, this is information that gives you access to the fastest growing opportunity online right now.

It's worth a hell of a lot more than some of the garbage you see online, I'm sure you'll agree.

On the other hand... I'm not looking to charge ridiculous money. Why?

Simply because I don't need to!

I don't need to pay my mortgage this month based on the sale of this training program.

It’s as simple as that.

So, I've come up with a halfway house... something which I think is fair (given the huge potential my system offers, and the money you can make with it if you put into action)... Something which I think is the appropriate price given the returns and the money you can make by using my system from home.

So initially I considered $495

But I know that price will put this out of reach of a fair few people - although to be brutally honest, even this price is actually less than one day’s worth of my sales. In fact, $495 is often the sales I’ve bagged up from a decent morning until mid- afternoon...while I'm sat at my fav cafe!

But I've cut that price right down... so although I believe $495 is a fair price, your price today is just $195

And to sweeten the pot...

If you order today, I'll scratch another hundred dollars from that price.

So you can order for just $95 today.

And I will make it even sweeter...

And because I know it will make it easier for you , I will also let you pay in two separate instalments, spread a full sixty days apart.

So that means you will pay
just $47, and then the same amount again in 60 days time.

Why am I offering this split payment option?

Because by the time the second payment is due in eight weeks, I'm confident you will already have banked (or be on the way to banking) more than the entire course fee!

As you'll see for yourself throughout the training programme, my "fee" for this training is quite simple to recoup if you follow what I tell you to do.

So, you can blow that can cash on something that won't change your life measurably...like the latest iPad all other gizmo which will suck your time and deplete your bank account.

OR - you can invest in my system, and start changing your life for the better, starting this time next week. And keep growing and improving things from there...for years into the future!

Oh, and another thing to sweeten the pot even further...


And I’ll throw in something else as well...

My personal support for a full 12 months after starting the training.

Look – I don’t think you’ll really need it, but my personal help is there if you want it. So, anytime you need ‘me’...just drop me an email to hello@roarlocal.com.au or tag me in our facebook group and I’ll get back to you with my hard-won experience and advice.

The bottom-line is that I’ll be right by your side should you need me.

I’ll be holding your hand, ensuring that YOU turn this training into exactly what you want: your own, hands-free, money-making Internet business!

I'm In Neil I Want To Build A Business In India Too!

Get Started Today For Just $47!

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!

“But hold on a moment, Neil”...I hear you asking...

“What if I find this isn’t for me in some way? Can I get my money back?”

To be frank, I thought whether I even needed to bother offering a guarantee.

I know the quality of this information, so didn’t really feel the need.

But I know some people will want the extra protection and because I’m very confident in what I’m offering you today.


That’s right. Some people think I’m stupid for doing this, but I’m confident that you’ll love what I’ll share with you. So, you get a full 60 days to check this out....without risking a cent.

Not a puny 30 days like most people give you – but a full 60 days...basically TWO MONTHS to try out my system in your own home!

In the unlikely event that you don’t think this is for you...then don’t sweat it. I’ve made sure you’re fully protected. For a full sixty days, in fact...I want you to put my entire system to the profit test.

If you’re not happy for ANY reason at all...just let me know at any time within 60 days. I will ensure you get all your money back with zero questions or hassle.


You’ve have nothing to lose by checking this out. But you DO have an awful lot to gain, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Think about this: 60 days from now, you can be in exactly the same position as you are now.


You can be well on your way with my system, making money, and on your way to living YOUR dream life, like I do.

Which is it going to be?

Perhaps you’ve seen others profiting online and thought to yourself – “Why them, and not me?”

Because they had a roadmap. A roadmap that I’m willing to hand YOU.

Forget ‘figuring’ this out on your own. I mean, why bother? Just pick up what I’ve developed and honed...and apply it directly in your own life, and start seeing how much of a cash machine this can be for you too.

You Had Me At "Start A Business In India" Neil!!

Join Me As We Build Our Indian Empires!

I Kinda Hope You Think This Is All Too Hard...

Here’s the big one, and I’m going to finish up on this one.

The perception is that it’s just too hard.

Selling in India, frigging hell. That’s just too hard. I wouldn’t know where to start.

You need a business setting up there.

You’ve got to get a director.

I don’t trust the system.

I need a bank account.

How the hell would I open a bank account?

It’s just too hard.

Therefore I ain’t going to do it….

That is where the opportunity lies. Because what everybody else perceives as too hard, in actuality is not.

You Just Pay Somebody To Do It For You!

And remember we’re talking about India so it ain’t exactly expensive to get this done!

Can you code a website from scratch?

No. But you can pay somebody in India $2 an hour and they will do a bloody good job for you.

Can you open a business in India?

No. But you can pay somebody in India, a few bucks an hour, and they’ll do it for you.

But the perception is it’s too hard.

That’s where the opportunity is.

You’ll get the complete roadmap, everything you need to make a success of this

I’ll literally hand you the keys to the vault

Let today be the day you jump on the fast track with me

We’re in the together and I can’t wait to share the ride with you!

==> Get Started Today for Just $47


Get Started Today For Just $47!

Start Your Amazon India Adventure!