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“I’m suing you”

aussie-online-entrepreneursDo you have kids?

I do, 2 beautiful girls

Charlotte – 5

Isabella – 9

Cool kids.. I’m biased of course 😀

I love hanging out with them and ruffling them up

What about when they get older though, kids stop wanting to hang out with their parents and want to hang out with their friends instead


Well in Shanghai disgruntled parents can now sue their kids if they don’t visit enough

At a press conference last week, authorities said that kids who no longer live with their parents must “visit or send greetings often,” or else face some pretty severe consequences.

Freaky huh!

Want a better way to stay in touch with your kids?

Teach them how to sell stuff online

Most kids now a days are going to do it tough getting a job

Robots taking most white collar jobs

My plan is to employ my girls in my business to give them their first real world experience and some much needed references for their CV

That’s the hardest part isn’t it, getting your first job

After that it’s easy

Plus I can teach them a skill that will never go out of fashion

Entrepreneurship will be alive and well in the robot apocalypse :d


LOTS of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs build their businesses with their kids

It works well

Keeps the family together

Everyone learning new skills

Makes sense right?

Wanna learn as a family?

Then head on over to

Get yourself joined up then email me and I’ll give the family access too 🙂

Neil Asher

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