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How To Start An Online Business And Live A Bloody Brilliant Life! pt2 🙂

Soooo, you’ll recall that last time we chatted we established that to live a brilliant life, for me at least, costs $574 a day (geez i’m cheap!) $574 being $209,600/365

How bout you, did you work out your daily figure?

If not do that now, here’s a quick calculator to do that with, fill in your yearly totals (educated guess is fine) and the calculator will do the rest:

OK so now the question is a much easier one n’est pas?

Specifically how do I make $574 (or insert your number) a day with an online business?

Well we’ve seen already that $574 a day at 50 profit means I’d have to sell $1200 of products ($1200 x .5 = $600) and we’ve also seen that if i sell a product that costs $30 then I’d need to sell 40 products to be free.

That’s easy so far right?

OK, now “how the bloody hell are we going to sell 40 products a day”!

Easy my rambunctious friend 🙂

amazon-vs-alibabaAmazon and Alibaba

Lets get some quick facts:

Amazon first:

The average order value on Amazon last year was $47.31. (remember we need $30 to win)

Amazon has 350 million shoppers

Sell anywhere in the world and Amazon will mail it for you too

Alibaba next:

Alibaba is 3 times BIGGER than Amazon and has sales greater than Amazon and eBay combined

Alibaba owns 80% of online sales in China that is some serious domination!

Amazon ships 3 million packages a day, Alibaba ships 12 million

So as you can see if we want to sell 40 of anything a day then Amazon and Alibaba is the place to be.

Taken together they have 1.4 BILLION customers, that’s BILLION with a B mofo and if that doesn’t impress the shit out of you nothing will.

So to set yourself free we have to set up our stores on Amazon and Alibaba.


BUT woah there tiger hold your horses, what the hell are we going to sell?

For that you’ll have to read my next email