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How To Sell Your Car Online With Google Adwords

I just sold my car online using Google AdWords!

How I Sold My Car Online Using Google Adwords
How I Sold My Car Online Using Google Adwords

How I Sold My Car Online Using Google AdWords

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Porsche C2S. I’ve just sold her using online marketing strategies.

If you’ve ever sold a car yourself, or plan to, then check out how I applied online marketing techniques to sell my car in record time for top dollar.

First up, what I’m about to show you applies to selling ANYTHING online – cars, boats, services, widgets… Anything.

The same principles apply.

OK with that said, here’s how I did it.

1. Start With The Right Targeting

It is no good trying to sell a Porsche to people who want to buy an Audi or Volvo. I’m wasting my time, and more importantly, theirs.

So step 1 is to establish who your market is and how to get in front of them. For me as an online marketer I chose Google AdWords to do that. Simply put, it’s the best for this particular niche.

I can place my ad in front of anyone who types in the words; used Porsche for sale, buy a Porsche, second hand Porsche for sale, etc. etc.

And that’s what I did!

Those keywords became my laser targeting tool. So for someone looking to buy a used Porsche, I knew that my ad would be interesting for them to see.

2. Attract Attention

Which brings me very neatly to the next thing you need. Attention.

Without it you can have the best products in the world but you’ll quickly go broke. Attention is the thing that us marketers work our butts off to get.

For me that involves 2 important things.

a) Competitive research

b) Creating a customer avatar

Your competitive research can be as simple as going to Google and seeing who else is advertising to your prospects or as complicated as mining your existing data and other data sources for data that will help you get an edge over your competition. For this endeavour though, I only had to take a quick look online to see that no one else was running any Google ads in my niche 🙂

The customer avatar is a much different thing, I cover how to set up an avatar properly in my traffic bootcamp course. This is an important step in the process as you need to understand how to communicate to your prospect. Without it you may as well be speaking Dutch to an American.

3. Get Them To Read

Now that you have their attention you must use it wisely. That means getting to the point quickly, flagging a benefit for the reader fast, and telling your prospect that you have something to solve a problem of theirs.

On Google that means writing a good ad.

Here’s mine for my Porsche:

07 997 Porsche 911 C2S

39K, FSH, Midnight Blue, Leather

V High Spec, Immaculate, £29,995

It is relevant as I know that people searching for a used Porsche want a used Porsche, it gives the main info fast and uses language that car buyers use (FSH – full service history – for example)

I am a BIG believer in getting the best people to do things you can find, so when it came to selling my car I knew I was NOT the best person to do that!

I’m great at selling online – I can sell face to face but I’m not the best – so I chose Chris Jackson to sell my car for me. He’s the best IMHO. Don’t try and do something yourself if there is someone better than you that you can pay to do it for you. It may cost a little more upfront, but in the long run it’s ALWAYS cheaper!

4. Get Them To Take Action

Final step is to get them to buy!

Now I didn’t own the website so I couldn’t influence this too much. But I did work with Chris to tell him how many clicks the ad was getting, which ad people clicked on (I split tested ads) and I advised on the landing page after reviewing his analytics.

The result… I sold my car in 4 weeks 🙂

Here are my stats from the campaign.

how to sell your car with google adwords

In the end we had 10 people esquire about my Porsche. Chris said he’d never had such an incredible response to a car!

I’ll miss my Porsche, we had a lot of fun together (I have a tear in my eye), but now I’ve sold her I can get myself a new one!

If you want to learn how I’ll buy a brand new Porsche 991 for $25K click here



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