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How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings – Pt 1

Getting your amazon product listing optimized to sell oodles of your stuff will be the difference between Porsche Gt3 money and Toyota money (sorry if you drive a Toyota.. wait no I’m not, Porsche Rules!)

So lets get the inside skivvy on how to optimize your Amazon product listings.

I was going to make this a single post but as you’ll see there is a LOT to cover and getting this right is pretty much the key to your Amazon business success.

So I’m splitting it up into a few parts so I can delve deeply into it.

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Most people shopping on Amazon make their buying decision off of the product image alone.

This is HUGE.

If we didn’t have a product image that displayed our product in the best way possible then we would be missing out on a lot of sales. Not only does that hurt our sales, but it also hurts our conversion rates.

We all know that one of the leading ranking factors in Amazon is the conversion rate of your listing. A product listing with a 5% conversion rate is going to rank higher than a product listing with a 2% conversion (assuming they are similar products within the same category).

High product listing conversion rates = Higher rankings in Amazon = more money

Another thing to note is the click-through rate (CTR) from Amazon’s search results to your product listing.

A good, high quality image will produce a much higher CTR to your product which in turn will create more sales for you.

Just as an example, let’s look at the search results for “dog harness” in Amazon:

optimize amazon product listing

The VERY first thing you see for each product is their MAIN image.

Even if you were ranked 4th in Amazon for “dog harness” yet had a better image than the product ranking 2nd, there is a good chance you would get more clicks to your listing. And without clicks to your listing there are no sales to be had.

The bottom line here is simple:

A product with high quality images representing it will have a better CTR AND a better conversion rate. Both of these things are VITAL for being successful on Amazon.

So What Are The Best Types of Pictures to Take of your Product?

well there are two types of images you can upload, the MAIN image and the secondary images.

The Main Image

The main image is what you see in the results page when you search for an item:

optimize amazon listing

See what stands out?

The product being USED stands out like… well dogs balls 😀

Customers are scanning the search results looking to see the actual product and what it looks like.

The third image does a bad job with it’s main image because it a picture of the outside packaging of the product.

The outside of the packaging doesn’t tell the customer much about the product itself and it also looks low quality. I know for a fact I would click on the first two products before I clicked on the third, and I am sure most other people would too.

Secondary Images

The images are the ones you see when you click through to the product listing. You will see them underneath the main image to the left:

how to optimize Amazon listing

These images are used to support the main image and show different aspects of your product. You have up to 8 secondary images at your disposal and I would suggest using them all of possible.

Use these images as a way to show different angles of your product or different colors (if you have any).

One of the best uses of the secondary images is to show an action shot of your product. Meaning an image of your product being used as it is intended to be by the customer.

For example, with the dog harness above, it is smart to have an image with the dog harness actually on a dog. This goes a LONG way in making your product look more authentic and real.

How and Where to get your Amazon Optimized Product Images Taken

You are probably wondering, “How the bejesus am I supposed to get high quality images when all I’ve ever done is take selfies at barbies”

Don’t worry my cherub, below I will break down a couple of different ways that you can accomplish this. I’ll give you a couple of solutions to ease your photographic wooes


First things first, head over to and search for “product photographer”. You should see something similar as below:

how to optimize my amazon product listing

That’s the best way in my not so humble opinion.

want something cheaper?

OK then Fivver is for you 🙂

You’re going to get something called a 3D Render done, here’s an example:


Pops out at you right?

Well that was done on Fiverr, actually this gentleman did it:

If you’re selling supplements this is a great way to get some good images, couple this with pictures of scantily clad ladies and muscle bound men and you’re on your way to FREEDOM!

OK that’s enough on your photo’s

Tomorrow we move on to the stuff you write, otherwise known as text.


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