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How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listings – Pt 2

OK today I want to show you how to optimize your amazon product listing description. In case you forgot (NAUGHTY YOU!) Part 1 is here 🙂

Sooo all my tests show that the number 1 thing to optimize on your amazon product listing is the image. We’re visual creatures and a great set of photos will go a long way to ensuring you kick butt with your amazon listing.

Once you’ve got a sexy product image the next thing to take care of is your title and description.

Today I want to focus on the description, I’ll save how to optimize your amazon product title for seo for another time.

So your Amazon product description.

Lets get into it, first a quick comparison to show you what I mean by good and bad.

how to optimize amazon product listing


amazon listing

The main difference here is features vs benefits.

Let me explain, a feature is something about the step ladder, such as it’s made of plastic. A benefit is something that you GET as a result of the feature. So it’s made of plastic becomes “Light weight construction means it’s easy to carry and move around the house or garden.

You could go further still of course and say what’s the benefit of that?

Well because of the lightweight construction you’ll use it more as it’s easier to move from one place to another and thus avoid the injuries that plagues people who have heavier step ladders because they don’t use them as often.

See how that works?

The best thing to do is ask “so what?”

It’s foldable “so what?” well because it’s foldable it’s easy to store “so what?” well because it’s easy to store it won’t clutter up your house, “so what?” well if you don’t have clutter in your house your house will look nicer, “so what?” well if your home looks nicer you’ll impress people that visit you and they’ll think you’re a conscientious and successful person.

Get the idea?

Sigmund-FreudSide note – when I studied behavioral psychology at the University of Sydney one of the great psychologists we studied was Sigmund Freud, he basically said that everything we do, we do to get laid, so the final component of the “so what?” demo above would be, “If people think you’re successful you’ll get laid like a rock star!”

OK so that’s all the Amazon real estate ABOVE the fold, but Amazon also gives you a ton of real estate below the fold (below the fold = you scroll down to see it) and Amazon gives you a ton more latitude to optimize your product litsing in this area.

So next time i’ll cover that for you 🙂


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