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3 Creative Ways To Get More Email Opt Ins

Get More Email Opt Ins And Build Your List!

Says every internet guru ever, and they’re right. Building a list of engaged prospects and customers will definitely grow your business and revenues.

It’s no secret that most visitors to your website will need 7 “touches” before they buy, and only 2% (at best) will buy straight away.

So getting people to opt in and give you their e-mail address means you can keep in touch with them until they’re ready to buy and then, post purchase, take care of them and ensure they’re getting the best from your products and services.

So with that in mind, here’s 3 very creative ways I’ve seen recently to build your email opt in list.


Sephora is currently presenting visitors with a Plinko-style game where entering an email address releases an animated ball that drops down into one of 5 slots and reveals a discount, free shipping or free gift with a purchase offer code.


how to get more email opt ins
A Great way to get more e-mail opt ins



how to get more email opt ins

Once you’ve watched the ball drop you’re presented with your prize 🙂


how to get more email opt ins
The final stage where you win!

The offer is emailed to the player, and while this may be a separate marketing list to its Beauty Insider program, it enables Sephora to build a unique list that can be targeted with different offers and content than its BI list (the fine print mentions personal information will be stored in Sephora’s database as per its Privacy Policy).

Social Psychology

Content site Upworthy is currently the fastest growing site of its kind on the interwebs.

Upworthy takes a very creative approach to attracting opt-ins. This approach taps into the shared values of its readers, simply asking for agreement with the statement “It’s nice to be reminded of the good in the world.”


how to get more email opt ins
Step 1 Ask A Provocative Question

If you click Agree, you’re presented with an email opt-in call.

how to get more email opt ins
Now you have commitment and consistency you give your email 🙂

This question and then answer, of course, ties in with Social Psychology and the commitment and consistency principle.

People have a general desire to appear consistent in their behavior. People generally also value consistency in others. Compliance professionals can exploit the desire to be consistent by having someone make an initial, often small, commitment. Requests can then be made that are in keeping with this initial commitment. People also have a strong desire to stand by commitments made by providing further justification and reasons for supporting them.

I like this opt in idea a lot. In fact I’ve just commissioned our coding ninjas to write a similar code for one of our clients who will be able to use this brilliantly in his business.

Tapping Into Human Behaviour With Conditional Coupons

Presenting a coupon box in checkout is a trigger for customers to hit Google, sniping affiliate offers. Office max prevents this behavior while building its email list by telling customers they can get offers by signing up for them by email.

how to get email opt ins



email subscribers


Even though Office Max may offer affiliate codes, this presentation suggests the email list is the only way, and saves commissions to affiliates that had nothing to do with the sale.

Have you spotted (or are you using) creative ways to build your email list?

We want to hear about it!


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