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How To Buy A Porsche GT3 With An Alibaba Or Amazon Business


How to buy a Porsche GT3 With A Amazon business
How to buy a Porsche GT3 With An Amazon business


How to Buy A Brand New Porsche Worth $350K for $5K

First up, forget about the Porsche, the car is simply something I want, that happens to cost $350K, however what I’m about to share with you will work for anything, car, house, holidays, lifestyle…… anything.

(Nicola suggested the ladies might like to put a deposit on an investment property, pay a years worth of private school fees for their little darlings, buy a holiday home in France or take four stonking holidays a year!)

First a tiny bit of back ground, those people that know me will know that I LOVE Porsche’s I owned a stunning 997 gen 2 S back in blighty and I was gutted when I had to sell her when we came back to Oz 3 years ago.

I had planned to buy a new one once I got here but I didn’t factor in the additional money it costs here in Oz to buy a sports car (on average it’s 100K more for a porsche here) and I promised Tash I’d buy her a new house BEFORE I got my Porsche (mistake!) so I’ve been sulking ever since.

Anyway, I had an idea recently that I’d put my entrepreneurial skills to the test by building an Amazon business here in Oz selling products that I purchased in China.

So that’s what I plan to do.

Here’s how it works:

Natasha and I went to my local Porsche dealer and test drove my dream Porsche, the Porsche 991 GT3 in the spec I want costs a total of $353,114.00 so just a tad over $350K

The finance to buy said Porsche is “zero down” and $5854 per month (before any finance people scream at me, I normally pay cash for my toys and buy my cars 2 -3 years old, this will be my first new car).

So the question is “what can I build that gives me an income of $5000 per month?”

The natural answer is an online business, so I started to research online businesses for sale. A cursory glance on Flippa shows that a business that makes $5000 per month can be purchased for 1.5 net income so 18 x $5000 = $90,000 now that, in and of itself, would fund a new porsche for me/you.

Saving me $250,000… that’s a great start don’t you think?

But I thought $90K to buy a business making $5000 per month was too high.. so I think I can build an online business for $5K that will make me $5000 per month. (cocky blighter aren’t I 🙂

Anyway if you want to watch me as I build my online business fill in your details here.

look At Me I'm Bloody sexy Me! This is my alibaba outfit :D
look At Me I’m Bloody Sexy Me! This is my Alibaba Entrepreneur outfit 😀

I’ve decided to use Amazon and Alibaba as the platforms to build my business on for 2 VERY good reasons:

1. That’s where all the online customers are shopping!

2. It’s much cheaper to build an online business when someone else takes care of all the marketing for you.

I’ll be detailing my trial and tribulations, what works, what doesn’t and I’ll show you how much money I’m making and how I’m making it.

I’ll bring all my online marketing skills to bear upon this business and I’ll show you the secrets we normally reserve for our high paying clients.

Sound good?

Then Opt in here to get updates:

YES! Let Me See How You Do It NEIL!

I have no doubt I’ll be able to build something that will make enough cash to fund a new Porsche 911 for me AND stop my wife divorcing me for spending $350K on a car!!! (honey I NEEEED one!)

So there you go, that’s the smart way to own a brand new Porsche worth $350K for $5K 🙂

Remember screw the Porsche, it’s just a boy toy I want because I work my arse off and deserve it.

Think instead of what YOU want. What would you spend $5000 a month on? Remember once I’ve built one business that makes $5000 a month it’s a damn sight easier to build another, then you’re at $10k a month…

To find out what I’m doing and how I’m doing it enter your details here!

YES! Let Me See How You Do It NEIL!

To Freedom and Success!


P.S The online business i’m building will make me $5000 a month, I’m going to use that $5000 a month to pay the lease payments of a Porsche 991 GT3 But you can use your $5000 to get whatever you want! Stay up to date with how I’m building my online business by opting in here

YES! Let Me See How You Do It NEIL!

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