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How to Buy A Brand New Porsche Worth $250K for $25K

This article is inspired by one of our new “Outsourced Marketing Department” clients called Chris who helped me figure out how to build an online business for the sole purpose of it buying me a new Porsche 911 S worth $251,413.00.

How to Buy A Brand New Porsche Worth $250K for $25K

He got the idea from Michael Masterson who got the idea from Gary Halbert etc etc, anyway without further ado here’s

How to Buy A Brand New Porsche Worth $250K for $25K

First up, forget about the Porsche, the car is simply something I want, that happens to cost $250K, however what I’m about to share with you will work for anything, car, house, holidays, lifestyle…… anything.

(Nicola suggested the ladies might like to put a deposit on an investment property, pay a years worth of private school fees for their little darlings, buy a holiday home in France or take four stonking holidays a year!)

First a tiny bit of back ground, Chris has been a client of ours for some time, he owns a business that was doing OK until he brought it to us and we got to work on it and tripled it’s revenue and quadrupled his profits in 9 months.  Anyway, over our fortnightly meeting (we meet all our “Outsourced Marketing Department” clients regularly to discuss the next steps for their business) I mentioned my Porsche 911 is my daily driver and that my daughter Isabella loves it… she calls it her “scream machine” car due to her giggling fits when I take her for a drive.

I mentioned I’d love to get a new 911 and he suggested I set a goal for it… so I did.

2 weeks later he comes back to me and says he has a great way to get the new Porsche for $90K… naturally I’m interested.

So here’s how it works:

Natasha and I went to my local Porsche dealer and test drove my dream Porsche, the Porsche in the spec I want costs a total of $253,114.00 so just a tad over $250K

The finance to buy said porsche is “zero down” and $4854 per month (before any finance people scream at me, I normally pay cash for my toys and buy my cars 2 -3 years old, this will be my first new car).

So he asked me a great question “Neil, what can you buy that gives you an income of $5000 per month?”

The natural answer is an online business, so I started to research online businesses for sale. A cursory glance on Flippa shows that a business that makes $5000 per month can be purchased for 1.5 net income so 18 x $5000 = $90,000 now that, in and of itself, would fund a new porsche for me/you.

Saving me $150,000… that’s a great start don’t you think?

But I thought $90K to buy a business making $5000 per month was too high.. so I put it to him that my team at ROARlocal could build a business for $25K that would make $5000 per month, all I needed was an idea and they’d do the rest.

I like the idea of investing $25K to make $5000 per month ($60,000 P/Year) so I went away and thought about business niches and started doing my research.

Now before I go any further, stop and think!  Right now you can quite easily buy an online business that will make you a great income, so if you get nothing else from this article remember that.

Anyway, after a couple of days of research I had a short list of 15 businesses that I could start and build that would make $4 – $7K a month no problem.

So one Monday morning I told my team we have a new client… ME!

I outlined the business to them and let them get to work and they’re building my business as we speak, I have no doubt they’ll build me something that will make enough cash to fund a new Porsche 911 for me AND stop my wife divorcing me for spending $250K on a car!!! (honey I NEEEED one!)

So there you go, that’s the smart way to own a brand new Porsche worth $250K for $25K 🙂

Do you have an idea for a business? or do you have a product that you’d love to get online?

As a special treat I’ve got a free webinar showing you step by step how to build your own £2 – £5K a month business.  We are also going to document the process my team uses to build the business as we go.

If you’d like to watch that webinar fill in the form below, you’ll notice I ask a few business type questions, including if you have an existing idea for a business, so let me know and I’ll give you my honest opinion of if it will work and if it will we’ll put together a plan to get it to market for you.

In the webinar i show you a few business niches that you could get into too.

The webinar costs nothing to attend and your worst case scenario is you’ll know for sure if you have an idea that will work, so just fill in the form below to get access.

To Freedom and Success!


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