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How To Be Weird, Have Fun, Kick Ass & Make Money Doing It

How To Be Weird, Have Fun, Kick Ass & Make Money Doing It“Neil I have a number of VC’s I’d like to introduce you to but before I do can we talk about your website?”

Said one of the angel investors who relies upon my digital marketing agency ROARlocal to look after his investments (AKA make sure they make money for him).

“Sure, what would you like to discuss?”

“It’s your Bio, it’s a bit much….”

If you haven’t read my bio I’ll give you a link to it in a mo. For now, if I tell you it’s got; drug lords, married mums, Uzi 9 mm’s, and a lot of drinking in it, you’ll at least get a general idea of the content.

In essence what my friend wanted me to do was to tone down my bio and make it more corporate. Before I get into this, I should tell you that each client is worth $60K a year to us ($5000 a month for our complete outsourced marketing services where we plan and execute a 12 month digital marketing plan from website and traffic to conversions and social media).

What would you do?

I told him I’m in business to have fun, anytime I’m not having fun I get depressed and that life is too short to be sad.

I’ve found that happy people who are being themselves are WAAAAY more interesting to be with than corporate drones.

Finally the people that come to ROARlocal for our services do so because we’re bloody good at what we do, we make our clients millions of dollars, and I believe the No 1 reason we’re able to do this is because we have fun 🙂

So my top piece of digital marketing advice for today is to:

Never use corporate marketing-speak.

Be weird.

Be a real person.

Sound like one person speaking to one person.

This is a big reason why it’s COOL to be indie instead of corporate.

Real people respond better to the weird fun stuff.

More importantly people buy from people they like, know and trust. The fastest way to get someone to like you, know you and trust you is to be yourself.

Try it and see the difference it makes!


P.S Here’s my bio

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