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Are You Hanging Onto The Past?

Today Ford closed it’s doors

1600 workers in Geelong are now out of work

I’m told that

1/3 will never work again

1/3 will find work in a similar field and

1/3 will take the opportunity to try something new

Ford was an iconic Australian company that try as it might could not keep up with globalisation

Now more than ever there is no job security

The old day of working for the same company for 50 years are dead and buried

Even with millions of dollars in government subsidies and huge punitive taxes for companies importing cars from overseas

Ford still didn’t manage to keep it’s doors open.

That’s the never ending march of innovation for you

Thousands of retail businesses have closed in recent times too

All fell by the way side as we shop online more and more

Online shopping (ecommerce) has been growing at a 20% clip for the last 10 years in Oz!

and they say we’ve had a real state boom!!

It’s nothing compared to the ecommerce boom and unlike real estate the market can go up a LOT more yet.

So what to do?

Embrace the new or try and hang onto the past?

Clearly trying to stop a trend like globalisation is not going to work (just ask Ford)

So the smart ones will embrace ecommerce and globalisation

Buy your goods in China/India cheaply and then sell them in The Western World for a profit

It’s a tried and tested strategy that’s worked for centuries

Heck Australia was “found” by a trader (Cook) looking for new products to sell!

So I say embrace the new!

Letting go of the past can be tough but life is constantly evolving and so must we



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