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Why Geeks Fail Online

This year, some of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs will have BIG wins. Some, like Karen, who created her own brand of Australian organic skin care to sell on Amazon…

… and this year, some of my member will do absolutely NOTHING. Zip. Nada.

While a member like Anthony started from nothing and within 6 weeks was selling $1000 a week of his products on Amazon

… others will continue to spend months obsessing over which email software to use.

Creating spreadsheets.

Doing endless comparisons. Asking the question about Amazon in a dozen Facebook groups.

Members like Andrew, will crack 6-figures in 2017 because he’s laser-focused on his market and business model…

… and others will say things like, “I want to create products in three different markets at the same time!”. And, of course, will get zero traction in any of those products.

Members like Luke will continue to crank out products and take his business close to the 7-figure mark in the men’s grooming market.

… while others will spend 8 months writing a 225 page “ebook” to give away as a free lead magnet – when a simple 1-page checklist would have worked.

Members like Anne will build her business focused on one traffic source with low-cost Amazon ads…

… while others, will try to “be everywhere”.

Or worse, spend the entire year (and thousands of dollars in product) to try and build out a complex funnel themselves, instead of just relying on Amazon to take care of that for them.

After seeing so many succeed, yet so many continue to spin their wheels year after year is frustrating.

But here’s the thing.

You can ask ALL of our 246 Aussie Online Entrepreneurs who’ve had success in 2016 and will continue to grow their income in 2017.. what’s the secret to success?

And when you look at every answer. I mean really analyze the WHY behind their success.

From “keeping it simple” to “hyper-focused niching” to “client retention” – there will be ONE thing each answer has in common.

They simply got out of their own way.



Never launching.

Waiting until you read that “one more book” until you think you’re ready.

It’s all YOU!

And it’s all in your head.

All of this ends now. Not on January 1st, but right friggin now. Today. The 23rd of December 2016

No more excuses. No more waiting for the perfect time.

Commit to serving your market.

Commit to showing people you truly have their backs.

And commit to keeping it simple.

So this year if you’re ready to follow a simple step by step system to set yourself free then I’m your man!

If you want complex, geeky and techy then try somewhere else


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