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why (some of) your friends want you to fail

117tqf“Feeling like shit right now.

Got too comfortable after a couple of wines at a party & showed 2 of my ‘friends’ my logo & shared what I am doing.

Let me tell you HUGE mistake.

The negative crap people put on you is unbelievable.

Don’t do this & don’t do that. FFS!

My advice is keep it to yourself until your making it.”


That little splash of unicorn loveliness is a post in the Aussie online Entrepreneurs from Rach

She quickly discovered that sometimes telling your friends your goals

Can be a recipe for disaster

As another one of our members jean says

“they have to put you down to make themselves feel worthwhile.

Suck it up baby and hold you head up high because you are not afraid to have a go!

What are those dumb clucks doing with their lives?

I applaud you for giving it a go!”

As you can see we’re a supportive bunch in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

It’s true though

Some of your friends will pull you down if you let them

That’s why being amongst like minded people is so important to your success

You need a bunch of cheerleaders in your corner, shouting


Because you can

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