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Frequently Asked Amazon Questions

Soooo many questions!
Soooo many questions!

This week LOTS of people have emailed me to ask questions, why don’t you get a haircut Neil? What’s with the Wonder Woman Fetish Neil? How’s your 4 litres of water going Neil?

and some questions have been about Amazon.

SOOOOOOO here’s a list of the questions I get asked the most

Now quit bothering me and let me get back to wonder woman!

So what exactly is this Amazon opportunity Neil?

In a nutshell it’s this; you find best-selling products on Amazon. You then source the same product or a similar product from suppliers. You make this product unique by having your supplier private label or brand it.

You apply a 50% mark-up on the product. Your products are shipped from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse.

You don’t touch them. Amazon store, sell, package and ship your product.

You are sent a cheque every 14 days from Amazon.

That’s it!

Why aren’t manufacturers selling their own products on Amazon?

The answer is only a few smart ones are. The majority of manufacturers are good… at… well, manufacturing. They don’t know how to sell their products on Amazon. They don’t know how to take advantage of Amazon’s massive selling machine.

What does this mean to you?

Right now, there is a massive window of opportunity with Amazon here in Australia you can benefit from. If you have the desire and determination to make more money… have more time and freedom to do the things you love… then this Amazon opportunity is for you.

And it’s just so simple.

Why should I get my own Amazon business?

Just consider these advantages of having your own Amazon business.

Amazon allows you to sell through their web site without any significant costs. Sure there are some costs. But because you’re marking the product up by 50% there’s more than enough profit for you.

When you sell through Amazon you have very low start-up costs.

So you can start small and scale up your business.


This means you can start your own Amazon business even if you have little money.

An Amazon business runs virtually on auto-pilot.

So you can operate your business while you have a job or if you’re a very busy person.

Amazon (or shipwire here in Australia) will store your products for you, sell them and distribute them.

  • No need for your own web site.
  • No need to speak to customers.
  • No need for any IT skills.
  • No endless trips to the post office or having to arrange product deliveries.

Your own Amazon business generates a passive income.

So you’re NOT exchanging your time for money.

You get a consistent flow of orders. That’s because of the sheer volume of people who buy through Amazon.

You don’t have to produce your own products. You simply source products… mark-them up by 50%… and have Amazon sell them for you.

The profit potential is unlimited.

Once you’ve got a product selling on Amazon you can find another 1… 5…10 or more products.

The potential is simply enormous.


You could be running an international multi-million pound business from your bedroom, kitchen table or apartment.

So what’s the real secret to making money on Amazon?

In a nutshell, it’s this; and that is finding products in categories NOT dominated by major brands.

Why is this?

You do not want to be competing against big brands such as: Nike, Gucci or Samsung to name just a few.

Why? Because if you do, the chances are, buyers will choose to buy a branded product over your product every time.

Why take on the big guys when there are more than enough product categories on Amazon?

…There just four key steps to profiting from Amazon

They are;

  • Finding the right product.
  • Using private labeling.
  • Optimizing your product listing.
  • Getting ranked on Amazon.

Let’s look at the first one – finding the right product. Here are some top secret product selection tips.

Your products should be in the $20 – $40 price bracket. This allows our products to attract and appeal to impulse buyers.
You want small and light products.

This way you avoid high storage costs from Amazon. And you avoid high shipping costs to the customers.
When you source products you only want to pay 25% of the retail price. So a product that retails for $20 you want to source for $5.This allows for high profit.

How to pick a winning product

There are three ways to pick a winning product.

These are:

Demand. We need to know people are looking for our product. So we need to check the best seller rank. Every Amazon product has a best seller rank.

We’re looking for products that are in categories NOT dominated by brands.

We’re looking for product based searches.

For example. LED bike light.

We’re looking for reviews.

If the page one product has between 100 – 200 reviews we can compete against them.

And more importantly make money.

What demographic trends make this Amazon opportunity so profitable?

But probably the key to this Amazon opportunity is it takes advantage of 3 exciting trends at the moment. They are…

  1. The E-commerce goldrush. There were $15,000,000,000,000 worth of e-commerce transactions in 2013 according to Forbes business magazine. Amazon is the leading retail ecommerce provider
  2. The second trend is private labelling. Private labelling allows you to source a generic product. And then have the supplier add brand it for you.
  3. And the third is becoming an Amazon approved e-commerce re-seller with Amazon FBA. As you may know, Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon. What this means is, Amazon fulfils all your orders. They store, sell, package and ship your products. They do all the hard work for you. You don’t have to touch your products.

So this means you can generate a passive income. You’re earning money while Amazon is doing the work for you. You can be making money while on holiday… playing golf… working at your job.

Or even when asleep in bed – that’s because you can make your products available through Amazon US.

This is really is a hands free opportunity.

In the past ecommerce was complicated.

  • You had to have your own web site.
  • You had to store your own products.
  • You had to sell your products yourself.
  • You had to attract web site visitors.
  • And you had to mail out your products.

Could I really have a million dollar Amazon business in just 12 months?

“Yes”. Here’s how…

If you’d like a million dollar Amazon business within 12 months here’s what you need to have in place;

Phase 1 – $0 to $10,000/month. You’ll need just one product. And one source of Amazon traffic – Amazon Ads. You could do this in 90 days or less.

One product. It sells for $24. 14 units are sold every day. The result would be $10,080 in sales/month.

Or say your product sold for $37. You’d need Amazon to sell 9 products every day to generate $10,198/month in sales.

Phase 2 – $25,000/month to $50,000/month

Do the same as phase one.

Or add an extra product.

If you have two products selling at $30 and sold 17 units/day your Amazon business would generate $30,600/month.

Or have 3 products at $21 and 22 units sold every day your Amazon business would generate $41,580/month.

And 4 products at $29 and 15 units are sold every day your Amazon business would generate $52,200/month

Phase 3 – $100,000 +/month, add more products to Amazon.

C’mon Neil it can’t be that simple!

It IS simple, is it easy, well you will have to do some work, you can’t sit on your arse and expect the magic Amazon Fairy to magically make money on Amazon for you!

But the strategy is simple, you can do it!


It’s what I’m using, I learnt everything from it, I’m making money!!

it works.