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Have You Ever Bought A Lemon?

Tash wants a new car.

When we arrived in Sydney in March we got an interim car whilst we found our feet.

A lovely Merc that I like but Tash hates.

I’d sold my Porsche when we left the UK and vowed to get a new one once I got here, but in the interim we got the Merc and all was well.

Or so I thought…

Tash hates the Merc!

So we’re getting a new car :0)

I have learnt not to argue with my wife over such things!


She wants a BMW X5.

It’s been on her goals for ages.

So we duly go looking through the used section for a 2 or 3 year old Beemer.

I found two that I liked the look of, so on Sunday we schlep out of Sydney to go look at cars.

When we arrive at our first destination we see the car parked on the drive. It looks great in black with black leather.

But Tash immediately doesn’t like it.

Me – “What’s wrong with it? We haven’t even had a look at it?”

Tash – “Look at their house, they have the filthiest house on the street! If they keep their house like that, there is no way in the hell they’ll look after their car!”

Now, think about that for a second.

Without even seeing the car, my wife has already decided not to buy it because of assumptions made about their “showroom”.

Your online customers do exactly the same.

They arrive at your website and based on that, and that alone, decide whether or not to do business with you.

If your site is not responsive to the iPad or iPhone they’re on, you’ve lost them.

If your website takes too long to load, you’ve lost them.

If your site uses crappy stock photos instead of professionally designed images, you’ve lost them.

Site has typos?

BOOM, they’re gone.

Site’s hard to navigate?

Lost sales….

Your website must be good. It has to reflect you, your products/services.

Because every second of every day your customers are deciding whether or not to give you money.

When we design websites we make sure they not only look good but that they also work for your customer.

If you’re not making as many sales online as you’d like, take a long hard look at your website and ask yourself if it could be better.

Oh, almost forgot, we didn’t get the “dirty house” BMW. We’re still looking, so if you know anyone with a clean house who’s selling one let me know!


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