ROARlocal Ecommerce Agency

Where are the ecommerce entrepreneurs yachts?

I’m sat at my local starbucks just reading my emails, and guess what

Another day another fake gooroo emailing me their pitch about some peace of crap that just needs you to “push a button” to become an online gazillionaire


You get that too?

Bet you’re sick of it too right?

Listen I know a lot of these guys (they’re mostly guys as gals are under represented online imo) and guess what… they’re broke!

They live promotion to promotion.

They have no idea how to build a real business

Something that is useful and will still be around 10 years from now

That’s why I love selling things on Amazon

You can buy them cheaply in the East

And make a healthy profit when you sell in the West

It’s a time tested strategy that’s been around since the East india Company

Heck Cook was looking for new products to sell when he bumped into Australia!

Best of all it works

In the most recent shareholders letter Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said

“130,000 people make over $100K a year on Amazon”

Read that again….

This is a tried and tested business that works.

Amazon is slowly taking over the world and you’d be crazy not to jump on its coat tails.

That’s a trend you should ride harder than a kid with a new bike

Wanna learn how to do that?

I’ve got your back

Join 246 other Australians (and a few poms 😉 whilst we build our own Amazon businesses

You’ll learn everything you need to know and meet a supportive encouraging group of new friends 🙂

You can learn more by clicking the link below


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