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We’re Australia’s No 1 Ecommerce Consultants We Can Help You Sell Your Product Online

We can help you list your products, promote your products and increase sales on Amazon, get reviews, handle customer service inquiries, etc. And when I say we can “help” you with this that means we can either assist you and train you to do it, or we can just do it all completely for you.

Some of the work is just a one-time setup and then that’s it, and then for other things there is an ongoing component to it. When it comes to those tasks that can and should be automated, we have a nice collection of software tools and the technical know-how and experience to implement an efficient and effective system.

We offer a comprehensive Amazon ecommerce consulting service where we manage your entire Amazon operation (except shipping inventory to Amazon) and we take responsibility for improving rankings, conversions and increasing sales volume for your products on Amazon. Specifically, here are the core activities we typically focus on:

  • Evaluating potential profitability and associated costs before listing a product on Amazon
  • Listing your products on Amazon
  • Merchandising your product pages – photos, descriptions, etc.
  • Getting your products to rank on Amazon’s organic search (optimization or “Amazon SEO”)
  • Creating and optimizing paid search ads on Amazon
  • Generating more reviews and better reviews on your product and your seller account
  • Improving your conversion rates on Amazon
  • Training on all logistics – shipping to Amazon, managing inventory, etc.
  • Evaluating whether you should sell as a vendor (Vendor Central), seller (Seller Central) or both
  • Migrating vendors to Amazon’s Seller Central plus the FBA program where Amazon handles all fulfillment for you
  • Selling internationally on Amazon’s country-specific websites
  • Anything else you can think of that relates to selling on Amazon

How we charge for our Amazon consulting services

We only get paid on our results.
typically we charge 20% of top-line sales revenue. The commission is only charged on the increase in sales we create, however. That is to say if you are already selling $20k/mo on Amazon before hiring us and then after a couple of months we’re at $50k/mo, we will only charge the commission on the increase (20% on $30k increase) not the full sales volume.

Those numbers are also just an average. It can go up or down depending on the details – level of competition, how far along you are already, number of SKUs, etc.

Who we work with

Because we only get paid when you make money we’re very careful with who we work with. We have to know we will hit a home run for you. There are certain gross margins and certain types of products we look for, as we want to know the upside is there to make sense for both of us.

But please do ask, as you may be surprised. Often a product that you might think has huge upside we might shy away from (too competitive, low margins) and then a product you might think is too niche or specific or industrial is one that we might actually get really excited about.

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