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An eCommerce consultant gets paid more thanks to me

australian-e-commerce-statisticsOne of the things I encourage my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs to do is to take the strategies that I teach them and make additional income as ecommerce consultants

Hundreds of thousands of businesses want to start selling their stuff online

Yet they lack the skills to do that

That my cashola hungry compadre is an opportunity

A starving market with no sandwiches to eat


One of my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Simon Strachan sent me this email


well, I gotta hand it to you.

I’m very aware of the work that goes into creating the training that you have.

I’m also very aware of the experience, both positive and negative and the toe-curling frustration that has to exist to learn what you need to learn . . so you can create the training that you have.

Although I’ve been quiet in the shadows, I’ve been going through the modules, learning, researching and doing.

My initial goal was to undertake the training, so I could assist clients in their goals. Now I can definitely see my way forward to assist them in their goals, as well as set a few new ones of my own. 🙂

And the thought / realisation of India is certainly ringing my bell. A big, fat golden Ganesh styled, chai soaked bong.g.g sounding bell.

So congrats on the training, and thank you.


Simon gets it

Multiple income streams are the way to go

Learn how to sell your own stuff and help other people sell heir stuff too

That’s business 101

Fancy a new career as a highly paid in demand ecommerce consultant?

Then learn how to sell online

I’m your man for that

Start here


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