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Would you drink the blood of a teenager?

If only I could go back to the year 2000 with what I know now

– Average property in Sydney $300K (now $1 million)

– Shares in Apple for $5 (now $109

– An ounce of Gold for just $250 (now $1300)

Jeez I’d be a billionaire by now!

Heard that lament before?

Possibly from someone close to you… very close to you 😉

Well it seems that the latest craze in silicon valley is trying very hard to recapture the youth of those tech titans

In a recent study published in the Harvard press

Scientists have found that young blood actually ‘recharges’ the brain, forms new blood vessels and improves memory and learning.

“This should give us all hope for a healthier future,” said Prof Doug Melton, of Harvard’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology.


Anyone else worried about that?

Anecdotally I have already heard of teenage blood being sold on the black market

It was even rumoured that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il injected himself with blood from healthy young virgins to slow the ageing process.

I imagine a few teens may go missing in the years to come..


That concept of wanting to reclaim youth is usually about regret

Feeling that there are things you would have done differently if you had your time again

Different career… lovers… life…

Today in November 2016 there has never been a better time to start an online business

Amazon is arriving here in a few short months and then the whole ecommerce landscape will change for ever

There will be winners

There will be losers

and there will be those that in 5 years time wished they had started today…

Don’t be like your young self back in 2000

Seize this opportunity and start a new life

Your journey begins with a single step

Joining me in the Aussie Online entrepreneurs

You’ll get all the support, training and strategy you need to take advantage of the unique opportunity that presents itself to you

get started today!

Neil Asher

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