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Do You Have A Secret Passion?

You know Steve Martin right

Incredible comedic talent

He sold out 100,000 arena’s

Movie Star (The Jerk is one of my all time favourite movies)


Lead Banjo player in a band


That’s right Steve Martin just happens to be a world class Banjo player

In his autobiography “Born Standing Up” there’s a quote that will change your life

Here it is

“This time next year you’ll wish you started today”

Steve was passionate about banjo’s and loved the sound they made

He realised that if he wanted to learn to play the Banjo he just had to get started

If he didn’t, he’d look back on his life a year from now and wish he would have gotten started

It’s the same with business

This time next year you’ll wish you would have started today

Be Like Steve & Start Today

You can take the first step towards building your online business here

If you’re smart you’ll combine your passion (secret or otherwise) with your business

Steve could have sold Banjo’s too 🙂


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