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Before You Hire A Digital Marketing Manager Let Me Show You How To Outsource Your Digital Marketing & Save Your Self $10,000’s


If you want your digital marketing manager to;

? Treat your business as if it’s their own

? Be committed to being accountable for their efforts

? Constantly train to make sure they’re up to date with new compliance laws

? Be at the cutting edge of online profit making technology

? Demonstrate they can grow your business online for you

Then I believe you will benefit from what I want to share with you.

If you’re considering hiring a Digital Marketing Manager, we are sure that our unique outsourced digital marketing service will help your business to:

  • Increase online profits
  • Hold the marketing department more accountable for their budget and ROI
  • Reduce your wage bill
  • Lessen the regulatory burden of keeping up to date with the latest online directives

And that’s just the start of the help we can offer as you move towards growing digital success.

Our belief in the potential of digital marketing comes from our own experiences as serial entrepreneurs. Having started and built five multi-million dollar enterprises and written three best selling books on digital marketing we know exactly what it takes to successfully help businesses fully embrace the latest digital marketing strategies and stay several steps ahead of your competition.

Consider these examples:

  • We helped Greg Secker’s business, Knowledge to Action to a $3 million rise in annual revenue. The business has since been recognised by the Fast Track 100.
  • Sharon Kell of Coco Moon reduced her marketing costs by 400% and grew her customer base by 300% thanks to our services. She has recently won the O2 Grazia Entrepreneur of the Year award.

So why are we writing to you just as you are looking for a new Digital Marketing Manager?

Well, it’s simple.

Here at Roarlocal, we would like you to consider the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing requirements to a business which has more combined drive, knowledge, experience and expertise than one individual staff member could ever have.

Become Part of the Digital Revolution

It’s no secret that business is changing. Shops on the high street are being put out of business by nimble internet stores. Savvy customers are researching every purchase they make online to ensure they get the very best deal out there.

Business research is being undertaken by more consumers than ever before and they won’t part with their money until they’re satisfied with your online reputation. Your business will be spoken about on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, all without you even being aware of it.

It’s time to face the stark fact that business across the world has now changed forever, and whilst that’s being looked upon as a big problem by many businesses, it’s the ones who embrace and run with those changes who will ultimately survive and prosper.

That’s exactly what we are here to help you do!

These days, the digital marketing of any company is so much more than a full-time job and here’s why:

Staying up to date with Cookie Compliance laws and the latest technology breakthroughs can be a full-time role in itself. Very quickly, and we can be talking about within days, successful strategies are becoming outdated and at best your business could stagnate, whilst at worst you could find yourself in a legal minefield.

Then there’s the new technologies that are being created that help your business produce ever greater profits and ROI. It will come as no surprise that on average 1 new game changing breakthrough hits the market every week online.

Is There a Solution?

Of course!

And if you’ll allow us to blow our own trumpets for just a moment; we are that solution…

If you decide to let us look after your digital marketing management we will do the following for you:

Google Pay Per Click

Many of our valued clients come to us asking if we can create an effective Google Pay Per Click campaign that will generate more targeted prospects to their site but at a lower cost per click.

This may or may not be something you have considered for your business. If not, it probably should be.

Take a look at the Coco Moon example…

Coco Moon is an introductions agency for busy professionals based in Newcastle. It’s owned by O2 Entrepreneur of the Year, Sharon Kell.

Sharon contacted us and asked if we would be willing to take on all of her digital marketing.

Well of course, we jumped at the chance, and this is what we did:

Firstly, we split the Coco Moon PPC campaign into four categories

  • Morning
  • Noon
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

We know that different adverts will appeal to people at different times of day. Somebody looking for love first thing in the morning has different priorities to somebody looking for love in the afternoon or evening.

We wrote tailored PPC ads which attempted to mirror the conversation that Coco Moon prospects may be having in their mind at the time they see them.

Each ad changed according to the time of day.

For instance, an afternoon ad, running from 3pm to 7pm read:

“No dinner date again? You deserve better than this. Let us help you find true love.”

After 7pm it would become:

“Sleeping alone again?”

As soon as an ad was clicked on, the prospect would be taken to an ad specific landing page. Each landing page was split tested according to the ad content and the search intent of the keyword so we could maximise conversions and ROI for Sharon.

In addition, each Coco Moon ad was geo targeted. This meant that only people who were potential customers would see our Coco Moon ads. The Coco Moon business was very localised to NSW at the time so geo targeting ensured only prospects in the area would see these ads. Each click Coco Moon ads received would be paid for, so filtering out clicks which had no real chance of conversion was of vital importance.

Has our approach been successful?

You bet!


slashed $170 off the cost of acquiring a new customer.

Coco Moon reduced their customer acquisition cost from $200 down to $30.

PLUS we’ve tripled the volume of targeted leads going into the business.

What’s more, this was just for Google PPC. We’ve since done similar work for Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn campaigns.

As you’d expect, Coco Moon are over the moon! They’re spending less on advertising and are acquiring a maximum number of new customers for their spend.

SEO – How to Get on Page One of Google

Any real estate expert will tell you, the three most important factors in determining the desirability of a property are; location, location, location!

The prime location for most businesses today is at the top of the rankings in major search engines. To achieve these high ranking locations, businesses will regularly engage in Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)

SEO involves improving both the on and off-page elements of a website in order to increase positioning in the major search engines for particular keywords or phrases.

Over the last decade SEO strategies, techniques and guidelines have evolved at such a pace that it is now one of the most effective marketing tools available to you.

Just ask Advanced Drains & Plumbing who we ranked No 1 on Google in just 8 days for all 3 of his main buying keywords!

How did we do that? By focusing on valuable search terms, (the phrases people type into Google when searching for a product or service), businesses are able to selectively target highly qualified prospects and bring them to websites which deliver exactly what they are looking for.

What makes this form of advertising even more powerful is that consumers can see these business advertisements on demand, whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am. Not only is this an effective and efficient way to advertise, it is also the way consumers prefer to be marketed to today.

Conversion Optimisation

How To Get 300% More Sales Without Spending A Penny More On Marketing

Our conversion optimisation services will help improve your website conversion rate by 300% or more! (Even if your site already has a “good” conversion rate!)

Bringing many visitors to your website is great, but sales and profits are way better!

This is exactly what conversion optimisation is all about. It maximises the number of website visitors that convert to sales/leads.

The more leads you have, the more sales you’ll make, and ultimately the more profits you’ll enjoy.

Five Ways ROARlocal Will Raise Your Website Conversion Rate

1. Improve your website usability

If your ecommerce website is not easy to use, visitors will either be unable to purchase, may purchase less, or they may leave your website in frustration and buy from a competitor. We will help to make your website intuitive and easy-to-use for your website visitors. This will result in more conversions and higher profits for you.

2. Improve your sales copy

If what your website says does not clearly and compellingly present the benefits of your company, products or services, then your site visitors will be unmotivated, unconvinced, and unlikely to buy or even enquire.

We can craft compelling sales copy for your website which will encourage and entice visitors to buy, and keep on buying.

3. Optimise your conversion funnel

Every single step that your website visitors take, from when they enter your website to when they make a purchase or submit a lead form, is important. We can analyse your conversion funnel and make improvements to increase conversion rate.

4. Multi-Variant Testing

The most sure-fire way to increase conversion rates is to religiously test every important element in your conversion funnel. Everything from headlines to call to action buttons and page layout.

ROARlocal can setup and manage a multi-variant, split-testing campaign for your website which will continually work to improve conversion rate and give you more profits for your marketing investment.

5. Improve website design

ROARlocal’s expert designers can work to improve your site design so it better communicates your message to site visitors.

The conversion optimisation we did on the Amarya website earned an EXTRA 8,000 new prospects per year for the business and best of all, the advertising budget didn’t increase by a single cent.

Lets move on to one of

the biggest reasons why most online businesses fail.

Web design.

The problem with the majority of business websites is that they’re built by web designers who don’t understand business, sales or marketing.

Because of this, you end up with a website that may look good, but doesn’t generate more business for you.

What you need is a site that looks good AND converts visitors into sales.

Your website has to look great and convert visitors into buyers

A study, conducted on behalf of global web hosting company, 1&1 Internet, revealed that 46% of consumers didn’t buy from a business web site because they thought it was, ‘poor quality’.

That’s almost one in two people who chose their ‘Back’ button rather than ‘Buy’ or ‘Contact’.

When we look at your current site or build you a new one, we’ll focus on what your business needs to grow and ensure sure you’re getting the maximum number of new leads and sales for your money.

Social Media Management

How to Have Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Generating New Leads and Sales for your Business (without using up your precious time)

Do you ever wonder if companies are really generating more leads and sales by using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites? If so, then you’ll be interested in these success stories.

Stephen Leighton, launched, ‘Has Bean Coffee‘, an Internet coffee-roasting business. Thanks to social media he’s able to sell to his customers around the globe.

Gary Vaynerchuk has built a $50m (yes MILLION) wine business by using social media.

When you use social media correctly, it is like having your own radio or TV show. You’re able to broadcast your message to people following your postings. And by doing this, you build relationships, make sales, get feedback, inform, release news and educate potential customers.

We’ll manage all your social media campaigns. We update Facebook pages, send out Tweets and manage your LinkedIn. Followers see regular posts and have their questions answered. Your prospects are engaged. Your brand gets boosted.

In short, we’ll do the daily work so you can get on with running your business.

There are of course more ways to get new customers from social media.

Facebook Advertising

How to Reach Your Customers When They’re Looking for You

When we first got together with a printing company in Brighton, they were running a small Google Pay Per Click campaign.

We immediately expanded this and brought more keywords into the campaign.

By doing this we discovered new highly effective keywords which brought in new leads.

We also started a Facebook Pay Per Click campaign, targeting potential buyers.

Again, our approach was highly successful and within a few months we brought in:

$165,000 of new revenue to the bottom line

In fact, the printers needed to employ an extra person to look after the increased business.

The result was that the franchisor asked us to help the other 36 franchisees with their digital marketing.

When we work with clients they receive so much more than simple Pay Per Click campaign management. We offer a fresh set of eyes on their business. We’re able to quickly identify new streams of income for our clients.

Why are we able to achieve such great results?

Well, we’re fanatical testers and this will turn small percentage increases into much larger ones.

Mobile Websites Inexpensive Advertising Without the Competition

It may surprise you to learn that more than two million people use their mobile phones to search for local businesses every month in Australia.

According to Google, Australia leads the developed world in smartphone usage, with 50% of people using a smartphone to search online, and that’s set to jump to 75% by 2015.

Currently, just 1 in 20 businesses are ready to profit from mobile web searches.

According to ComScore, 45% of all calls from a mobile based internet search result in new business for you. When customers get in touch as the result a mobile search, they’re ready to buy.

Consider this:

On average you open 18% of your emails. The majority are deleted without having ever been opened.

When was the last time you deleted a text message without looking at it?

98% of all text messages are opened.

But who has the time to build a mobile optimised website?

It’s hard enough keeping up to date with ordinary technological advancements without learning about HTML 5 or j-query scripts.

That’s where we come in.

First we’ll build you a mobile optimised website using our proprietary cutting edge technologies.

Then, we’ll take your business and analyse it, to learn which words and phrases people will type into Google when they’re looking for you.

Next, we’ll apply search engine optimisation strategies to ensure your business shows up on the first page of Google every time customers search for you.

We’ll buy advertisements on Google to make certain you’ll have all the new business you want.

And as soon as your site has been fine tuned by us, we continue to test and measure the response, in order to ensure you’re making as much as possible.

Finally, we use email marketing to engage and build a relationship with your prospects. Nobody knows for sure where a web or mobile site visitor is in the buying cycle when they land on your site. They could be ready to take action today, or they could be researching for the future. By building a relationship via email it’s more likely that they’ll buy from you rather than a complete stranger.

For today, that just about covers the full spectrum of the digital marketing function your business will need.

Tomorrow may well be a different story and that’s why no business can ever afford to stand still in the digital age.

When you outsource your digital marketing to us you won’t just have one person working for you, you’ll have 15 highly experienced individuals, who will come together as a ‘dream team’ and will provide you with a service other businesses could never imagine having.

From our offices in Sydney and Melbourne, we’re able to attract the best and brightest digital marketing proffessionals Australia has to offer. For instance;

Inga is our Social Media Specialist and knows every trick in the book when it comes to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing. She’ll swiftly identify the right market for your product or service and then go about creating a real buzz around it.

Matt is our Senior Designer and delivers amazing results across web and mobile every day of the week. He understands better than anyone how to design websites, microsites, banners, emails and mobile sites, so that they don’t only look great and provide a fantastic user experience, but also work as hard as they possibly can to achieve your targets too.

Our Copywriter is Mark and he has the uncanny ability of turning words into cash for our clients. He’s crafted e-mails and website copy that has added hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom lines of our clients

That’s just a small sample of our team. It’s realistic to say, you’re getting 15 highly skilled and trained internet marketing professionals, with a wealth of commercial experience, for less than the price of one marketing manager who’s never risked a cent of their own money in business and is probably more concerned with keeping their job than building your business.

Of course, we’re going to work hard to keep you as a client too, but we’ll do it through accountable, measurable profit driven results.

If we’re not performing then you don’t pay.

(More about this in a moment.)

We’re Ready to Deliver You a Digital Marketing Strategy, Guaranteed to Convert More Visitors into Customers

As you can see, we don’t leave any part of your online marketing to chance. As soon as your site has been fine tuned by us we continue to test and measure the response to ensure you’re making as much as possible.

Here’s a breakdown of what you get with our month-to-month contract management.

ROARlocal will completely take the wheel and will setup testing and evaluations on your business each and every month:

You’ll enjoy a range of the following services for just one monthly fee:

  • Website redesign
  • Customer profiling
  • Ad copywriting suggestions/implementation
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Ad Quality review
  • Ad group structure & setup
  • Landing page review
  • Landing page creation
  • Ad scheduling and incremental bidding
  • Dashboard setup
  • Content and display networks management
  • Banner advert design
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Social Media management (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +)
  • Social media fan page creation
  • Re-marketing on the display network
  • Google Extension ads
  • Keyword list expansion and reduction
  • Negative keyword list expansion and reduction
  • Keyword match type assessments
  • Multiple search engine account management (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)

And when we say, ‘you enjoy a range of these services’ , we don’t mean a random selection or a limited amount. We’ll deploy every weapon we have to ensure the digital arm of your business is punching above its weight.

So, what we offer you is a complete digital marketing service and we guarantee to deliver more success to your business than a lone marketing manager could ever hope to achieve.

We’ll even fill any reporting gaps you may have and be sure to attend your quarterly meetings, presenting our results to yourself and your board if you wish.

We always deliver on promises and we’re open and honest about how we do things.

Now for the Best Bit.

By now you’re probably wondering how much all this costs, right?

Well, what if I told you that you’ll pay less than you’re currently considering paying for a digital marketing manager?


We’ve spent a lot of time telling you about things we will do for your business. Here are a few things we will never do:

  • Take holidays
  • Call in sick
  • Need you to pay Super for us
  • Leave you for a competitor, taking other members of your team with us
  • Ask you to pay for training courses

By outsourcing the digital marketing function of your business to us, you’ll not only avoid all the hassles and extra cost a permanent member of staff brings, but you’ll also benefit from the combined knowledge of 15 highly trained professionals working on your business for you.

Yes. It’s true! You’ll get all this and as mentioned previously, it’ll cost less than you’re currently considering paying for an employee.

Our rates are just $5000 per month and for this you’ll be provided with a fully-integrated, seamless digital marketing service.

What’s more, it comes with our unique guarantee.

Put us to the test for 90 days.

Let us show you the amazing things we can do.

If for any reason, at the end of the 90 days, you do not believe that we have performed for your business then we will give you 100% of your money back.

Try getting an employee to offer you that!

Your worst case scenario is we don’t work out and you decide to bring the role back in house.

You’ll be in the exact position you are right now, only you’ll have had the benefit of 15 experts working on your business for you so you’ll come out ahead no matter what.

It’s Time to Think Bigger and Pay Less

If you’re ready to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs, then great.

Contact us by phone on: 1300 66 43 07 for fastest service.

You can also contact us through our website here

We’ll discuss your business aims, what you want to achieve and the best ways we can help you in the shortest possible time.


You will not be given any hard sell when we speak. We don’t like anyone trying to hard sell to us, so we certainly don’t use any hard sell tactics when talking with potential clients.

Of course, we’ll point out how your business will benefit from using our services – we’d be crazy not to.

But, if after speaking with us you decide we’re not a good fit, then so be it. We’ll respect your decision.

If nothing else we’re sure that during our conversation you’ll have discovered some important new tools and strategies which can help your business profit in the future.

It’s an overused phrase but sometimes it’s the very best one too:

You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

Why not give us a call now, whilst all this is still fresh in your mind…

Contact us by phone on: 1300 66 43 07 for fastest service.

You can also contact us through our website here

I look forward to helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Best wishes



Neil Asher
C.E.O – ROARlocal

P.S With our unique 90 day money back guarantee you can be certain that the digital marketing strategy we put together and execute for you will make you money or you don’t pay a cent for it.


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