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Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 019 – How To Kill A Business


How To Kill A Business

99% copy writers will hate this…

That’s because 99% of the copywriters out there will kill your business if you use them. (click here to tweet this)

Here’s why..


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How To Kill A Business

99% copy writers will hate this…

That’s because 99% of the copywriters out there will kill your business if you use them. (click here to tweet this)

Here’s why;

Most copywriters are focused on 1 thing and 1 thing only… sales.

They will use every strategy in the book to sell your products and services and hype your product up to sell it, they do this because (rightly) they want to justify their fee and they get a sense of achievement when their copy sells.

Here’s a tested and validated fact.

99 times out of 100 hypy inflated claims will out sell well written truth driven copy to new prospects… I hate that and wish it wasn’t so, but it’s true.

So because most entrepreneurs have taught copy writers that sales and conversions is all that matters… copywriters have responded by getting more and more hypy in their writing believing this is the way to grow a business….it’s not.

I can think of at least 3 writers who when you use them your sales will grow short term but by using them your business will die, I’ve seen their writing and seen some business people I know use them, to market their products and I know their businesses will be dead shortly.

Let me say something very important to you;

A sales letter or promotion that generates short term cash does not always turn into long term profits.

I was chatting to Daniel Priestley last week about this very same thing, Daniel is a guy who’s built his business by offering an incredible product at a good price without the hype that most seminar people use.

As such Daniel is the last man standing in the seminar industry that saw many people’s businesses grow very very quickly only to wither and die within a few short years.

They died because people are smart, they will certainly believe you the first time you tell them your product is the miracle panacea they’ve been looking for, but, as soon as they buy and see that it’s not they’ll feel foolish and won’t buy next time.

I saw this a lot in the internet marketing niche when I was in it… products telling people if they “pushed a button” they’d get rich.

I’m ashamed to say that I promoted some of those crappy products…I paid the price when my clients associated me with that crap.  I was perceptive enough to see that the market was changing and we got out ASAP and stopped all joint ventures.

Now I only do joint ventures with people who we’ve done a lot of research on and then we do a very small test first.

I’ll be covering joint ventures in future posts as they are an incredible way to grow your business when they’re done properly.

For now though, let me just finish up by saying this, if you want to build a business for the long term choose your copywriters wisely, the right one will not only make you money but they’ll also build you a sustainable client base that knows and trusts you, the wrong one will kill your business.


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