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Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 014 – Making Calls Now The 5th Most Used Function On Smart Phones


Making Calls Now The 5th Most Used Function On Smart Phones

Mobile phones started life as machines built for talking – but actually making calls is now one of their least popular functions.

Smartphone owners now spend just 12 minutes talking on their phones a day – but spend two hours using the gizmos.

Texting – formerly one of the reasons people became addicted to phones – is now less popular, with users spending just 10 minutes sending messages. In terms of time spent,

Smart phone users spend more time surfing the internet, checking social networking sites, playing games and listening to music.

The study of 2,000 smart phone users marking the launch of the Samsung found we spend almost 25 minutes a day surfing the internet. Mobile phone users also spend a further 17 minutes checking and updating social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In comparison, just 12 minutes is spent actually talking to someone on a phone call, while sending text messages accounts for only ten minutes of use a day.

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What does this mean for your business marketing?  Basically, you need to be marketing your business where your ideal future customer or client is spending over 2 hours a day being exposed to your competitors marketing messages.

We can help you with that!  Just talk to us about how we can get you in front of new sales for your business.

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