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Digital Marketing Insider Podcast 006 – How To Sell More Products Online


cheeky book cover with the sub title "Her most exciting sales were rung up after store hours!"Now is the perfect time to see what you can do differently to maximise website visitors and revenue for your PPC campaigns.

It’s actually very obvious, if I were to have just looked at the past year performance of some of our PPC accounts, I would have known which keywords increased in conversions or dropped in traffic during the bank holiday weekend. With this information I could have taken several steps to prevent a decline in visitors or potentially generate more revenue from my e-commerce sites.

In this post I’ll discuss ways on how to be proactive when it comes to paid search techniques. I’ll also talk about the different tools you can use to predict when there may be an increase or decrease in visitors.

If you prefer to read than listen, check out the original post How To Sell More Products Online

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