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97690% of all the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs now making cashola thanks to Amazon are ex wage slaves

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

I got this email over the weekend from Derrick


Thanks Neil

I’ve been a corporate slave for the last 15 years, never want to nor have the personality for becoming an executive. Tired of selling my time for cash. Really keen to get an e-commerce business started. You’re materials are invaluable in providing a head start.

Have a good weekend



I used to have a J.O.B

There is no shame in that

Having a JOB that you;

– dislike
– working for a boss that doesn’t value you
– knowing there is more to life

and still doing nothing

Well that’s flat out madness

I get it though making the leap can feel difficult, scary even

That’s why joining a great community of people just like you is the secret sauce to setting yourself free

We’re a great group of people

From HUGELY diverse backgrounds

~ From poms in Bondi to kiwi’s in the sunny coast

~ Ex secretaries to managing directors

~ Married to divorced

~ A Menagerie of kids to kidless

~ 35 to 84

As long as you’re sick of what you’re doing and you know there’s more to life

You’ll Fit Right In!

Come check us out here

Neil Asher

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