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Confessions of pommy git at Bondi

Bondi beachBack in 1999 when I first arrived in Australia

I thought it was the height of awesomeness to live at Bondi Beach

So along with 7 other sweaty whinging poms I found a house to rent with my new found pommy mates

Day 1 of my new life as a pom in Bondi

7am drink a beer

7:30am smoke a joint

8am head to Bondi Beach

My new mates played a prank on me at the beach

They gave me a tube of zinc cream and told me it was factor 30 sun cream

10 minutes later I looked like a milk bottle!

I was almost reflective 😀

Mission for the day… catch a wave at Bondi beach

So into the water I jumped and exactly 14 minutes later I was being rescued by the Bondi’s SLSC


A less than auspicious start to my time here in Oz

After that though I decided to learn to swim properly

(not a lot of swimming required in Nottingham)

I got good fast and was soon swimming a 5 K’s a day before most folks got out of their pits

After a while though life got in the way

Busy at work

Busy with kids


So i stopped swimming

Over the weekend I decided to jump back in the water and start swimming again

So I jumped into the bay at Little Manly where I live and after a minute I was knackered!

What they hay?

I used to be able to swim 10 K’s and battle sharks!

But, just like everything… If you don’t use it, ya lose it.

You can lose your cardio endurance pretty quickly if you don’t keep swimming… And as I’m finding out, it’s a complete swine to get it back.

Anyway…what I plan to do know is keep swimming through this uncomfortable, wheezy, whingy part, in a few weeks…everything will feel better.

It’s the same with taking action towards your dreams. The first couple of things you do will be the wheezy, burny, snotty swims where you get rescued by the life savers.

You’ll finish flat on your back on the beach and wonder how the surfers find this fun…

…and then, after a month or so, you’ll be the one smiling, high fiving and making moves to set yourself free!

Start that month of snotty swims today so you can get to the good stuff faster!

First job?

get your arse into the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs!

It’s a sweet deal at just $77 a month and this way, at least you can get over the hard part without breaking the bank 😉

Neil Asher