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Why I Stopped Promoting Clickbank Products & Moved To Amazon FBA (and tripled my revenue)

First up if you’re looking for clickbank because you want to buy a clickbank product then you should go directly to clickbank as this post is not for you.

You can go directly to clickbank here.

Also if you’re expecting me to bash clickbank I’m not going to, clickbank was an incredible income stream for me a few years back, in fact I was in the clickbank Apex program meaning I was in the top 100 clickbank affiliates in the world. So I LOVE affiliate marketing and I still do a ton of affiliate marketing, only not on clickbank.

But I want to tell you I make a ton more money now than I ever did as a clickbank affiliate PLUS I don’t spend a cent on buying traffic for my offers anymore either so not only do I make more money but it’s actually easier to make!

How on earth does that work!

You ask, well let me show you and then I’m going to show you how I’m using my new Amazon business to but a Porsche GT3

I sell things on Amazon, mostly I sell here in Australia as the opportunity is incredible here right now, but a couple of my products I’ve diversified and I now also sell in the states and UK.

I want to say right up front that unlike clickbank affiliate marketing which you can start for $200 or so (buying traffic on Facebook etc) this is going to require a higher investment, more like $500 to get you started.

But the results are MUCH better in my not so humble opinion.

Steal My Ideas As I Build a 100K A Month Amazon Business

If you’re new to setting up a business on Amazon it’s easy enough to do and there’s a ton of great training course and videos that will show you how to do the easy stuff.

The thing made up my mind about selling on Amazon vs Clickbank was this, with Amazon I’m building a business, a business that I control and I get the full weight of Amazon behind me as I do so.

With clickbank I’m not building a business, I generate revenue for someone else and build their business for THEM.

I’ve learnt that sustainable long term profits come from building your own business, not someone else’s.

Also, in the past you could, and I did, make a great income on clickbank through SEO, this free traffic source made alot of people a lot of cashola, but not anymore. Google wants you to BUY ads, they’re rigging the game against SEO now and focusing all their considerable skills on making people click on ads instead.

That’s smart business for Google but terrible if you’re trying to make a living as an affiliate marketer on clickbank.

The easy money has been made my friend.

Now the easy money is to be made on Amazon, selling on Amazon is WAAAY easier right now as the competition ios so bad!

If you enjoy online marketing you’ll crush it on Amazon!

Wanna watch how I’m setting up my own Amazon business?

OK then I have 2 options for you:

1. Watch how I’m building my amazon business to buy my favorite car of all time the Porsche GT3

2. Join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur and learn how to build your own money making Amazon business