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  • How To Hack New Employee Integration

    How To Hack New Employee Integration

    I’ve been employing LOTS of new people this month as the business has really taken off thanks to some great results we’ve had for some influential clients who’ve gone on to tell other entrepreneurs about our services. (Thanks Chris) So naturally I’ve been looking at some great ways to hack the employing process, I’ve come […]

  • Your Website Is Slow Here’s How To Speed It Up

    Your Website Is Slow Here’s How To Speed It Up

    If you want to increase your website conversion rate then your first port of call should be to improve the speed of your website, i.e. the time it takes you to serve a complete page to your user so that he/she can start using it. In our tests it has by far the biggest ROI […]

  • How To Create A Killer Landing Page pt2

    How To Create A Killer Landing Page pt2

    This is part 2 of a 2 part series on ROARlocal’s “How to” mini course on creating a killer landing page. Part 1 covered the elements of a landing page, while part 2 will go through the design and copywriting essentials of a landing page. 1. Design Guidelines 1.1 Simplicity Sells Keep things clean, simple […]

  • How To Build Your Email List

    How To Build Your Email List

    Does size matter? In my industry email list size is everything. Men (usually guys, but some ladies partake too) will sit around the bar after a mastermind session and the conversation will invariable get to email list size. “My list is HUGE!” one will proudly proclaim. “Mine’s not the biggest, but it sure is responsive” […]

  • This Persuasion Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore (and what to do about it)

    This Persuasion Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore (and what to do about it)

    Do you offer a “30-day money-back” or “100% satisfaction” guarantee? As great as those sound, they’re just not as effective as they used to be. People don’t notice standard guarantees anymore. They’ve got guarantee blindness. One of the most important things a good copywriter does is make your prospects believe—beyond a doubt—that they’re going to […]

  • How To Make Your Emails Sell More Stuff (Lessons from Hollywood)

    Been to the movies lately? I have. Last week I took my daughter Isabella to see Despicable Me 2 in 3D (great movie!) I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things about the movies is the previews (or “trailers” as they are technically called). And I’m not the only one who likes […]

  • Hint: Your Competitors Have No Idea What They’re Doing Either!

    Conversation on Friday with a new client who asked me to copy their competitors new wizz bang website. Him “I want you to model what they do Neil and make ours do the same” Me “Why, do you have access to the analytics and conversion results?” Him “?…” I hear this all the time. “Our […]

  • Affiliate Marketing

    When I worked full time as an affiliate marketer (an affiliate marketer sells other peoples products for them for a commission) I’d often show people what I was doing to get traffic to the offers I was promoting. It was not uncommon to send 5000 clicks a day to a landing page or website and […]

  • The Perfect Online Business Plan

    If you have been wondering if an online business plan or online marketing plan might work for your business, you might enjoy this video.  It’s a bit rough and ready but the content is solid gold. Nicola Cairncross here – you don’t often see me on this blog, as it’s been largely Neil’s domain, but […]

  • How to Buy A Brand New Porsche Worth $250K for $25K

    This article is inspired by one of our new “Outsourced Marketing Department” clients called Chris who helped me figure out how to build an online business for the sole purpose of it buying me a new Porsche 911 S worth $251,413.00. He got the idea from Michael Masterson who got the idea from Gary Halbert etc […]