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  • Is making cashola online better than sex?

    One of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Jeff Dulla asked me what “the laptop lifestyle” actually means. His take was that: “The laptop lifestyle …. which I later found out is not sitting on a tropical beach with an Apple Mac but rather spending a few hours a day glued to a monitor to learn the […]

  • 1000 People Were Expected 30,000 Came

    In 1990 after 14 years of negotiations Russia opened it’s first McDonalds The day of the opening it was minus 14 degrees ion Moscow, For comparison the coldest temperature in Australia last year was minus 7 at Charlotte pass For most Aussies anything below zero and you’ll hear expletives fill the crisp morning air. So […]

  • A Virgin Sacrifice + A Marketing Lesson

    Copying things can make you very wealthy case in point A bloke in Esperance in WA has built a fully functioning replica of stonehenge Stonehenge (if you’re a cultural baboon) is in the UK and is where druids used to sacrifice virgins to ensure crops would grow, amongst other paganesque type stuff Now we sacrifice […]

  • Do you like to flirt?

    Nothing makes your day more than someone (usually young and attractive) flirting with you, am I right? It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, we all like to know we’ve still got it 😀 Lots of studies have shown that their are 6 main reasons people flirt, here they are • Sex: trying to […]

  • Lessons from a old dude with big pecs

    I was at the Gym this morning I go there cuz I’m 45 and starting to enter my first mid life crisis… The gym is full of a a real mix of people Crazy hot laydees with their fake lady pecs Guys that grunt when they lift Skinny dweebs like me and then there’s “the […]

  • Paeodophiles Gone Wild

    I bloody hate Paeodophiles They’ve totally screwed things up for normal dads Last night was halloween and I took my 2 daughters (Izzy 9 and Charlotte 4) and 5 of their friends trick or treating on our street I had my best Frankenstein wig on and a bolt through my neck So we were walking […]

  • Should you sell your ass to make cash?

    Sherri used to be a madam She operated a den of inequity in Wollongong She had 5 ladies working for her, 2 asians, 2 aussies and a black girl She said that her clients liked to rotate through the girls, black girl one day, asian the next and aussie the next She learnt that having […]

  • How this psychopath seduced his hot blonde therapist

    I watched “The Suicide Squad” last night, I went with Matt my brother in law. The part of the movie that stood out the most to me was how the Joker and Dr. Harley Quinn (played by the rather attractive Margot Robbie 🙂 hooked up. Now this guy is a total psychopath with no conscience […]

  • Do You Have A Secret Passion?

    You know Steve Martin right Incredible comedic talent He sold out 100,000 arena’s Movie Star (The Jerk is one of my all time favourite movies) and Lead Banjo player in a band WTF! That’s right Steve Martin just happens to be a world class Banjo player In his autobiography “Born Standing Up” there’s a quote […]

  • Are You Hanging Onto The Past?

    Today Ford closed it’s doors 1600 workers in Geelong are now out of work I’m told that 1/3 will never work again 1/3 will find work in a similar field and 1/3 will take the opportunity to try something new Ford was an iconic Australian company that try as it might could not keep up […]