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  • You, a secret millionaire?

    Did you ever meet someone that was rich? Not “a few million” rich… … no i’m talking really rich, like 10’s of millions rich I have Wanna know what I asked her? I asked her where she was going on her holidays this year Pretty dumb question huh In my defence I had ZERO idea […]

  • This One Thing = 430% More Success

    This One Thing = 430% More Success We have 246 people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Folks from all around Australia Phil in Perth Karen in Sydney Miriam in Townsville Ian in Brisbane Athena in Melbourne Max in Tasmania Kevin in Adelaide with ages ranging from Sam who’s 36 To Rodger who’s 84 We have […]

  • Confessions of pommy git at Bondi

    Back in 1999 when I first arrived in Australia I thought it was the height of awesomeness to live at Bondi Beach So along with 7 other sweaty whinging poms I found a house to rent with my new found pommy mates Day 1 of my new life as a pom in Bondi 7am drink […]

  • Why Porsche + Channel Never Discount

    Over the weekend it was black Friday and yesterday it was Cyber Monday Both are marketer made up holidays to sell you stuff Amazon will do Billions in sales Most people I know on Amazon will discount their stuff and like good sheeple lose money that they could have made by selling at full price […]

  • Would you drink the blood of a teenager?

    If only I could go back to the year 2000 with what I know now – Average property in Sydney $300K (now $1 million) – Shares in Apple for $5 (now $109 – An ounce of Gold for just $250 (now $1300) Jeez I’d be a billionaire by now! Heard that lament before? Possibly from […]

  • eCommerce lessons from horny rabbits

    I’m going to show you why in a J.O.B or traditional business you can’t get ahead A farmer has a field 1 acre square In that field live 1000 horny rabbits Rabbits love to get wild with each other so they continually replenish themselves Rabbits are also pretty dumb and are fair prey for foxes […]

  • How I made my wife lust me more

    My (long suffering) wife Natasha has her final exam today for her Art Degree Ever since I can remember she’s wanted to be an artist Her parents told her she’d never make any cashola as an artist They told her to become an accountant or lawyer She’s a free spirit that would die in the […]

  • Where do Rich people shop online?

    A new survey from financial firm Piper Jaffray shows they’re shopping on Amazon. Amazon Prime is the company’s paid membership service that costs $99 a year or $10.99 a month. Subscribers get free two-day shipping, access to a bunch of video and music streaming content, as well as online storage space. According to the survey, […]

  • When she sees her ex husband she plays this trick on him…

    Did you ever notice as you get older men stop paying attention to you, it’s like you’ve disappeared My name is Carolan Bishop, I’m a real person, I live in Liverpool in England. Up until 2 years ago I was ignored by pretty much all the men I’d meet. I was working my butt off […]

  • The only time women beat men

    Out in the “Real World” men earn 20% more than women simply because we have an outy and women have an inny Which seems very weird to me I’ve always thought that ladies inny’s were much more valuable than our outys but them’s the facts This grossly unfair advantage that men have is apparently prevalent […]