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the cat that only ate KFC

Mike got up, and looked at his cats.

It was always a struggle… getting them to eat.

He’d been experimenting for years trying to find the right food for them.

He’d tried sawdust, peanut butter, marshmallows and even mince pies.

But it never quite worked out.

Some days, they’d kind of ‘poke’ their noses at the dinner Mike had prepared…before turning away to watch ‘Masterchef’ on the couch.

Other times, they’d simply reject the food altogether.

Then, one day – 4 days before Christmas …a miracle occurred.

Mike bumped into Father Christmas in the Geelong branch of Coles

He was by the butcher’s counter, next to the salmon and barra.

“Here we go Mike – try these…”

Santa gave Mike some Chicken nuggets.

Mike had never thought about using these before.

He got home that night, eager to try them out.

And for the first time ever, the cats nearly bit his hand off!

They loved the nuggets and wouldn’t leave Mike alone.

Soon, Mike retreated to his office and watched reruns of masterchef, realising he’d been using the wrong bait for YEARS.

All those failed experiments!

If he’d only used the RIGHT BAIT!

What’s my point…with respect to the above story?


Until you have the right ‘bait’, you won’t attract the customers you want…or any customers at all.

If you are selling…anything…do you REALLY know what people want, in that particular market?

If you’re selling a ‘stop snoring’ product…do you REALLY know what people want in that market?

If not – how do you know if you have the right bait?

You can go nuts for years trying to sell certain products to certain markets…

But if you don’t really know what the people ‘in’ that market want…you’re making things hard for yourself.

Reminds me of an anonymous friend of mine…who picked me up in an expensive

“Now we’ll finally get some action!”, he said.

If you get the right bait, you’ll find it much easier to sell products, services or anything else.

How to find the right bait?

When you join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs i’ll show you exactly how to sell oodles of your products the profitable way

No messing about!

This email is my bait for you… will you take it?

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The right bait is important…

Why do you think children leave a mince pie at the bottom of a chimney?

It’s great ‘bait’ to ensure Santa visits!

See you soon


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