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Want to work in a fun and stimulating environment where your ideas are respected and creative freedom is viewed as a civil liberty?

ROARlocal is looking for savvy people who enjoy an informal working environment with an emphasis on independent work. If you seek employment in a place where your advancement is measured by your initiative, and where there is often pizza, ROARlocal is for you!

We’re fascinated by tech and love analytics, our philosophy is what can we break today?

Check out the about us page to learn about us (there should be a better way to say that without saying about us twice!)

Why you might like to work for us.

Unlike most agencies that focus on 1 part of a clients online marketing needs we’re involved in everything.

From the initial goal setting where we find out what a client wants to achieve online through to the action plan to help them get it and then we get to work and implement it all for them.

So you’ll work closely with the social media team to ensure that your work ties in with theirs.

You’ll come up with ideas for landing pages and liaise with the web guys to get them built your work will be interlinked at every step of the way. This is great news if you actually enjoy what you do and love seeing the results of your labours.

Also our clients stay with us for a loooong time.

So you’ll be a part of their growth and their success, you’ll see the great work you did applied to their account and you’ll see exactly how much money that made for them.

You’ll work with the conversion optimisation team to optimise your ads whilst the web team optimises their web pages and the whole thing elevates our clients business to a new level.

It’s incredibly rewarding if you want to be involved with the whole approach a business takes to their online marketing..

We also get involved with the products our clients creates, surveying their customers, doing data analysis and making (and testing) assumptions about what their wants and needs are.

You’ll get to see “your” product created and sold and be responsible for marketing it in the best way possible.

We work directly on the online strategy and we’re trusted advisors within our clients businesses.

However this is terrible news if you just want to do PPC and go home at the end of the day and stop thinking about online marketing whilst you vegetate in from of the TV!


Here’s the type of person we’re looking for

We’re looking for smart, passionate, and ambitious web marketers with a proven track record of growing online businesses.

You’ll have expertise in one of the following:

  • Web analytics, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and offline marketing.
  • Real-world sales and direct response marketing.
  • Understanding the psychology of a website’s visitors.
  • Usability and design of high-converting webpages and sales funnels.
  • Carrying out split tests and multivariate tests on websites.
  • Project management, motivating teams, and mentoring others.

Most importantly, you’ll be obsessed with helping our clients online businesses and you’ll be used to getting amazing results.

Why you might not want to work with us

Our positions are demanding and requires exceptional technical and communication skills. It’s not a job for your average person; after all, not many people are brave enough to insist that their clients test their advice, we’re only as good as you are so we’re looking for you if you’re talented.

We provide incredible training both on the job and off, we’ll help and encourage you to grow personally and professionally and we regularly have brilliant speakers in to help us learn more.

We pay above normal rates as we’ve learnt that 1 great person is worth 2 average people.

PLUS – you get to work from home, if you have kids (lots of our team are brilliant mums who don’t want to go back into the corporate life but still love to work and be stimulated creatively and intellectually), no problem, if you work weird hours (night owl?) no problem, if you live in darwin, no problem, as long as you’re talented we don’t care where you are or what your personal situation is 🙂

We won’t call you in for team meetings (we do virtual monday meetings) and as long as you’re not a grumpy sod (well not too grumpy) you’ll fit right in.

Sound like your kind of environment?

If so e-mail us mike {at}


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