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How you can make ‘kiss my ass’ money selling BBQ’s On Amazon Australia

I honestly can’t believe how easy it is (when you know how) to make some serious paper online. I mean Amazon, the foremost ecommerce and logistics company on the planet has it right there – on a freaking platter!

The premise is simple – take a badass store from and copy the shit out of them by selling similar products in Australia!


make money on amazonLet me enlighten you on how to do this, with a prime example that just so happens to be Aussie mans most coveted creation – The BBQ.

We have to go way back when to see a disgruntled welder by the name of George Stephen who was sick of ash blowing all up in his face from the old style barrel BBQs.

So George said, “screw it” and made a spherical one with a lid and stuck three steel legs to it.

That ladies and gentleman, was the humble beginnings find whereto buy pills online of Weber Grills – The infamous producers of the renowned spherical BBQs.

Hell, you’ve probably got one in your garden somewhere.

Now the history lesson is over, its time for the fun part. Let’s take a look at an Amazon store that could so ingeniously be copied.

Let's Make Some Cashola Baby!
Let’s Make Some Cashola Baby!

BBQ Factory

These guys are monstrous, niched down sellers making millions per month. All they do is sell replacement grills as well as fittings for gas ‘Qs. They don’t even fuss with accessories.

They are currently in the top 1000 Amazon USA sellers. Take a second to let that sink in, bravo fellas.

The key question is, do Australian’s use BBQs and BBQ products?

Erm…yes…yes we do.

BBQs aren’t all about $1000 smokers and top of the range grills. It’s about the tools you need to cremate some tasty food over a manly fire pit (beating your chest is optional).

Every BBQ needs accessories, so sell the damn essentials!

Where are the Aussie public gonna go when the grill is all fired up, food is ready to hit the grate, but hold up they’ve got no tools? Unless they have asbestos hands, it’s you my friend. You.

Amazon Australia

By the beard of Zeus who’d have thought BBQ tongs would yield such a return.

How is this possible?

Through the wizard teachings of my online course!

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