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9 Things All Successful Businesses Have

how to succeed in business
We get to work with a lot of successful businesses here at ROARlocal.

Over time we’ve seen a consistent theme emerge of the key things a successful business does that unsuccessful ones don’t.

In fact the basis of these 9 success indicators lead to our outsourced marketing department being created for business owners who KNOW they need a strategic plan to find their perfect prospects online and then convert them into profit making customers.

As a direct result of these 9 business builders we routinely triple the profits of the businesses we work on.

So with my preamble over,

Here they are:

1. A Written Vision

for what the business will look like, act like, feel like and perform like when it’s treating customers how you want it to, every time.

2. A Clear Set of Values

that come from your heart, and inspire a team of people who share your priorities and won’t fight you on the definition of great work.

3. A deep understanding of your Ideal Customer,

so you’re spending those precious marketing dollars speaking to their needs, and not wasting energy trying to reach everyone.

4. Position Agreements

for your employees – think of them as Job Descriptions 3.0 – that are focused on results and values, not tasks and policies.

5. A Revenue Plan

that is both realistic and stretches you – so you stay in control while you have something for you and your team to reach for.

6. A Marketing Plan

that isn’t scattershot, but rather is designed to meet your ideal customer where they are with what they need.

7. A Repeat Sales Plan

driven by powerful customer experiences.

8. Tracking

Visibility into how you’re doing through a system for Tracking Your Marketing efforts, so you have actionable data to maximise your impact.

9. Simple KPIs

A simple dashboard of Key Business Indicators to track your progress towards your vision, so you can course correct in real time.

You don’t have to get all these elements perfect. And you can’t do it in a day – these are “roll up your sleeves” pieces of work that we’ve been implemented into our clients businesses with great success. But just imagine – what if you had one by the end of November? And another by the end of December?

Image how different your business will look in nine months.


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