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Bidnez tips from egg tossers

egg_tossMy mate Dave loves a game of “toss the egg”

Also known as footy or NRL

(the only game of football is soccer, where they actually play with their feet 😉

He watches it every opportunity he gets

He plays in a fantasy football league

As I said… total addict


He convinced me to stop watching the Formula 1 long enough to actually watch a game of footy

You know what

I kinda like it

It’s great lessons for bidnez and for life

When these guys get knocked down they get right back up and get back in the game

If they get taken off the pitch they’re kinda shitty because they know that the glory comes from playing the game not watching it

They train like crazy and practice new things, new plays, new strategies

That’s a LOT like success online

It ain’t all a bed of roses

You’ve got to put in the hours of practice to hone your online skills

– Sourcing great products

– Writing compelling product descriptions

– Taking action and getting things done

These are the secrets to online success

I can help you with 2 out of 3 of those

The part that you have to bring to the table is the taking action part

Once you’ve taken the first step by joining my group of rag tag Aussie Online Entrepreneurs though, i’ll be there every step of the way

– Mentoring you

– Supporting you

– Coaching you

– Picking you up when you fall, and

– Keeping your ass in the game. . .

. . . so the glory can be yours!

Join me

Neil Asher

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