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How to Get 3 Times More Qualified Leads For Your Business Without Spending More Money on Advertising – Guaranteed!

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Are your salespeople bringing in enough leads to take your business to the next level?

If not, this could be the most important letter you read this year.

You’ve worked hard to create a great product or service. Your customers love doing business with you and the majority of them are pleased with your performance. You also most likely have repeat customers who sometimes send referrals your way.

But there’s one crucial element that your business is missing – hot qualified prospects for your business.

Without them, your sales people have to waste their time cold calling instead of actually selling. You may even be aware that people are searching for your type of product or service online but you don’t have a proven technique to capture them whilst they’re hot and ready to buy. That’s where we come in.


Lead Generation Service with Guaranteed Results

ROARlocal provides your business with an online lead generation system that targets your perfect prospects. We work with you to capture their details and put in place a follow up system that ensures your sales people are only contacting those potential customers who are ready and willing to buy.

Here’s a taste of some of the services we provide to you:

  • Landing Page Design and Build
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Traffic Generation using Google AdWords
  • Online and Call Tracking so you know what is working and where strategies can be improved
  • Lead Magnet that provides you with something to entice people to signup
    (A White Paper, Case Study, Free Report or How To Guide)

At ROARlocal, our done for you lead generation services are focused on transforming your website into an efficient, reliable and automated clientattracting machine.


A Proven System to Make Your Business Grow Faster and Easier

Our lead generation system makes growing your business easier because it:

  • Allows you to generate sales with more qualified prospects, efficiently and at lower cost
  • Pre-educates prospects on how and why you’re different from all your competitors, so
    you can sell against less competition
  • Builds trust with potential clients so they feel comfortable engaging with you and sharing
    their real needs
  • Nurtures prospects at different stages of the decision-making cycle
  • Repels unqualified prospects who are not a “fit” for you
  • Scales easily. You can manage 50,000 clients as easily as you can manage 500
  • Cuts marketing waste by understanding what’s working, and what’s not

There’s no need for you to be overwhelmed with trying to build your business to its maximum potential. Our done-for-you services provide you with the guidance you need to be successful.

We use a proven methodology that allows you to systematise and automate the process of generating leads in your business. We work with you directly to implement website traffic and conversion strategies that attract more ideal customers to you (and build stronger bonds with the ones you already have).

Our highly trained team of professionals work hard to:

  • Understand you, your desired outcome and your market
  • Analyse your current online lead generation strategy and conversion process
  • Define KPIs to establish a baseline for improvement
  • Re-engineer your lead generation funnel to convert shy prospects into committed buyers
  • Launch traffic generation campaigns, landing pages and email autoresponders
  • Test & Optimise every step in your lead generation process so you generate more revenue and cut marketing waste
  • Scale your lead volume with fresh traffic sources and customer ascension marketing

Gred Secker from Learn To Trade Greg Secker – Learn to trade. Greg had a a problem, Sir Richard Branson was booked as the keynote speaker at his Seminar with 4500 seats and no bookings, we set up all Greg’s digital marketing strategy and implemented it for him.

$3 million in revenue from 1 event thanks to ROARlocal

How We Work With Our Clients

We typically start with a 3-month getting-to-know-you project. As a result, you come away with an online lead generation process that generates more sales leads at much lower cost than you’re currently achieving.

But more revenue and a reduced cost-per-lead are just a part of the story. You’re also likely to experience a reduced average sales cycle, because the leads you’ll generate tend to be of higher quality and more “pre-sold” on the benefits only you can deliver. Your sales people will be able to reach even more prospects with the time they’ll save.

More Hot Leads = Ultimate Sales Leverage

Many salespeople and inbound telesales teams are actually quite effective at “closing” qualified prospects… they’re just not speaking with as many qualified prospects they’d like to be speaking with.

And cold calling or other “manual labour” prospecting methods are brutally inefficient and a waste of your staff’s time. Not to mention it’s hard, grinding work. It just doesn’t make sense to spend time and effort hunting for qualified leads, when you could be so much more efficient if those leads came directly to you!

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could spend less time and money generating leads; less time and effort converting new prospects into clients; and more time and energy focused on your most productive and profitable sales activities?

Many companies experience a tremendous boost in sales when they generate more inbound leads of higher quality, then focus their resources on converting those leads into clients and giving them a great customer experience.

Is Our Results-Based Lead Generation System Right for Your Business?

If your website is an e-commerce store with a large number of products/SKUs, then this is not right for you. Our services work best for those companies who have a lead-and-sales process.

If you are yet to work out your sales process or are unable to close the enquiries you’re already getting, then more leads are unlikely to help. We recommend defining your sales process first before contacting us.

Finally, if you’re looking for a “magic bullet”, aren’t prepared to do your part by contacting leads quickly, and providing a great customer experience, then our services are unlikely to lead to your long-term success.

However, if you are currently getting OK (or good) results converting prospects into customers, and you’re looking for more leads or enquirers to engage with — then this is undoubtedly an effective and proven solution.

And the best part?

Fast results for your business.

We have specifically designed our service to ensure you see tangible bottom-line results within a short timeframe.

If you’re already generating traffic and leads online, then you’ll typically see improved results in as little as 30 days. Within just 90 days, you can expect to see substantial improvement in your lead volume, a lower cost per lead and better lead quality.

Beyond the 90-day mark, if we’re both happy with the working relationship, we usually talk about continuing to roll out new initiatives and improvements on a month-by-month basis. There are NO long-term contracts. We let our delivery and results do the talking, not a restrictive lock-in contract.

But there’s just one “catch.”

The Key to Our Success with You

The catch is that because we get results, we also tend to build long-term relationships with clients. This means that at any given time, we have limited capacity to accept new engagements. Perhaps only two or three per month.

For this reason, before agreeing to take on any new client, we insist on a frank and honest discussion of your goals up front. If your situation is a ideal match for what we do, and we’re both excited about the prospect of achieving great results together, we can talk about how that would work. Deliverables, milestones, fees and so on

But if either of us feels like the fit is not quite right… then we walk away as friends. No harm done.

Our Guarantee to Our Clients

In addition to our dedication to improving your sales lead process, we provide you with an eight-week money-back guarantee.

We’ll get you 3 times more qualified leads into your business without spending a cent more on advertising or we’ll refund all the money you’ve paid us and invested in your advertising, guaranteed.

How are we able to make such a strong risk-free guarantee?

Simple. Our lead generation system works. We know because our clients have great things to say about us and the results we’ve created for their business.

If you’re ready to experience the same results our existing clients have, click here to enquire now to explore further.

We will do a free consultation and review your current situation as well as your desired outcomes. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Neil Asher
Founder, ROARlocal

P.S. Don’t forget that we can only accept new clients on a limited basis. Make sure to
contact us right away if you’re interested in how our lead generation system can help your business.


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