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Author: Neil Asher

  • When Is Amazon Coming To Australia

    I’m in Brissy today for our Aussie Online Entrepreneurs conference We have 112 folks from right across Australia all here to learn the cutting edge strategies they need to start selling on Amazon No 1 question I get asked by the attendees is When Is Amazon Opening Here In Australia? Well so far here’s what […]

  • make a profit whilst drunk?

    Whilst you may have been down the beach or enjoying a barbie with friends, a staggering $140 million was being spent online in Australia on Christmas day Just in our house Natasha ordered 5 pairs of shoes on Amazon in the sales for a total of $375 That’s $375 someone just made on Christmas day […]

  • Santa’s CrAzY 2017 Amazon plan

    I know it’s Christmas night and you probably want to go to bed early tonight (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door tonight. He was short, about 4 feet tall. He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe. And even […]

  • Why Geeks Fail Online

    This year, some of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs will have BIG wins. Some, like Karen, who created her own brand of Australian organic skin care to sell on Amazon… … and this year, some of my member will do absolutely NOTHING. Zip. Nada. While a member like Anthony started from nothing and within 6 weeks […]

  • WANTED: Novice Crew To “LEGALLY Rob Banks.”

    My dear old mum back in blighty is 72 She’s an avid gardener and loves watching dancing with the stars I speak to her most weeks and once a month or so I’ll try and explain what I do to her “I buy things from Asia and then sell them to westerners” Is my standard […]

  • the cat that only ate KFC

    Mike got up, and looked at his cats. It was always a struggle… getting them to eat. He’d been experimenting for years trying to find the right food for them. He’d tried sawdust, peanut butter, marshmallows and even mince pies. But it never quite worked out. Some days, they’d kind of ‘poke’ their noses at […]

  • naughty or nice?

    My daughters posted their letters to Santa today Isabella wants a camera and Charlotte wants “dollies” In their letters they both wrote that they had been nice all year and so deserved nice presents If you look back at your childhood… yeah I know it was a long time ago 😉 You’ll find, like me, […]

  • Money Hidden In Plain Sight

    In 2013 Scientists at a South African museum were startled to learn that a familiar specimen was not what they thought it was. The fossilized remains of a 200-million-year-old herbivore had been sitting in the museum since the 1930s, labeled as an Aardonyx. an Aardonyx looks a bit like a diplodocus if that helps But […]

  • Is making cashola online better than sex?

    One of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Jeff Dulla asked me what “the laptop lifestyle” actually means. His take was that: “The laptop lifestyle …. which I later found out is not sitting on a tropical beach with an Apple Mac but rather spending a few hours a day glued to a monitor to learn the […]

  • You, a secret millionaire?

    Did you ever meet someone that was rich? Not “a few million” rich… … no i’m talking really rich, like 10’s of millions rich I have Wanna know what I asked her? I asked her where she was going on her holidays this year Pretty dumb question huh In my defence I had ZERO idea […]