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affiliate marketingWhen I worked full time as an affiliate marketer (an affiliate marketer sells other peoples products for them for a commission) I’d often show people what I was doing to get traffic to the offers I was promoting.

It was not uncommon to send 5000 clicks a day to a landing page or website and to make a very good income as a result.

One consistent theme I heard from people who checked out the training I offered was “If it’s so good, why don’t you just do that all the time instead of teaching other people how to do it too”.

With the implication being that the stuff I was teaching was not as lucrative as the selling of the “how to”.

This always used to make me laugh 😀

First up, if you’re in business then chances are you’re sitting on under leveraged assets within your business that could be repackaged and sold and a new revenue stream, and indeed in some cases, a new business be created from it.

For instance, a client of ours who is a Vet recently added $300K a year to their business by teaching other vets how to train and hire staff.

That’s just smart business.

In all businesses there are vast amounts of money sitting latent in these businesses.

It often takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the marketable and sellable assets, but they’re there none-the-less.

The other point is that it’s actually great fun to teach others. If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you’ll see contribution is one of our highest needs.

I’ve seen this time and time again in (so called) burnt out entrepreneurs.

A simple addition to their business can re-energise and invigorate the whole business for them, not only in adding new revenue streams to the business, but also lifting their existing sales channels too.

So next time you see someone selling a “how to” guide it will pay you handsomely to think “what are the assets within my business that could be repackaged and sold?”

Give it a try!

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