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Earnings Disclaimer

Nicola Cairncross says:  All of the examples quoted on all of our website pages are real people, and while I think all our clients are very special they are ORDINARY people who have started from scratch, just like you might be.

BUT I have to say – I am required by law to say – is that any earnings quoted are not typical and what you make from what you learn AND APPLY will largely depend on your efforts and actions taken.

All of the examples, case studies or testimonials are real, and if you want to, you can contact them via the link to their website that I usually include. Obviously I put the success stories on, and leave off the people who give up and fall by the wayside….and people do ….. because there is no gripping story about someone just giving up.  So the people you see on our websites are all real, normal people who have taken what I’ve taught them and put it into action. I’m proud of each and every one of them.

I want you to know all of this because online, your reputation is everything and people can find out all about you very easily. I want you to get to know, like and trust me so that eventually you might invest in one of my products or services or recommend someone else to do so.


Sometimes I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on my mentoring programs or services offered but the proviso to claim a refund is ALWAYS that you ACTUALLY HAVE TO HAVE ACTUALLY TAKEN THE ACTION required.

For your infomation, this was recently upheld in a UK court of law which totally validated our Terms & Conditions and our Guarantee Policy as being totally fair and legal.

If you are not sure if you will actually TAKE THE ACTIONS SUGGESTED, either don’t sign up or sign up using the monthly instalment plan to try us out.  Then you can cancel at any time but there will be no refunds.

If you sign up for any of our one year programmes to get the great discount sometimes offered, then if you give up and take no action, you will NOT be getting your money back.

I want you to succeed and I will do everything in my power to support you but unless paid to do so, I can’t do the work for you.

And in my 10+ years of experience, I’ve found that making money online, while simple, is sometimes not as easy as some people like to make out. You will have to work, but it’s work that’s great fun, generally only needs doing once and which can be very lucrative.

Can I make myself any clearer?


I wrote “The Money Gym : Wealth Building Workout” which is available on Amazon etc.. I’m currently working on a second book, all about business success and why some people make it and some don’t.

As well as mentoring clients privately, I offer internet marketing services via The Business Success Factory and Cairncross Media specifically how to take their existing business (product, book, service, idea, fanbase) online and how to monetise their hard work to date, by creating digital products to add to their bottom line, as well as attracting more customers or clients.

I also make money by recommending products and services I believe in, have paid for and/or use myself.

So you should assume, unless I say otherwise, that I’m being paid a commission if you click on something I mention on this or any of my blogs or websites or in my ezine, and buy it.

This affiliate commission does not add to your cost but builds up quite nicely, by the way, over time, especially if the products concerned are that of a recurring income nature. You should try it!

As I say, most of the things I recommend I use myself, and have often purchased in the usual way. If I try something, and subsequently don’t like it or think it doesn’t work, I take if off my site.

I also do a little bit of consulting for companies who insist they want me to come to their offices and work face to face with their marketing teams but I don’t do much of that (unless the money is really daft) because it’s not very efficient and in my experience, the company concerned, having paid for it, rarely puts my advice into action!

Crazy times.

I’m now into my third year as the “official Money & Work At Home Expert” for Pampers iVillage and have previously fulfilled the same role for Visa International Plc, for their “Love Every Day” PR campaign.


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